How to improve transmission components types?

In morden society,more and more industry should have many different function be used,and these different machinerys need more high technology or morden design. Both these conditions are present in all modern production life , including industrial production , agricultural production, living appliances production, transportation of various goods , including almost all of human life . The most important is that in these modern production life, there are a few basic industrial machinery or industrial products is a must, such as sprocket, transmission parts, forging tools , chains , etc. are among the most basic but essential products.These products are mainly of mechanical transmission parts,Transmission parts for it are the same as in machinery products require high quality assurance requires extensive product design ,a more comprehensive product features,only to ensure that these requirements,the products in the market in order to obtain greater space,while meeting the needs of consumers Chinese market for industrial equipment, machinery production the largest market has become the most comprehensive industrial production and sales base , transmission parts is no exception.manufacturer china chain held every year in large industrial exhibition to attract global customers, while China ‘s cheap transmission parts , such as Drop Forged Chain, CC600 chain, Turn roller and other traditional products, prices are about half the U.S. and European markets , while the product quality is improving .manufacturer china chain in the production , testing standards requirements have been synchronized international , ISO-9001 and other international standards are in use. It is precisely because the Chinese market over increasingly large touch , while the consumer market demand for the product standards improved. Makes more industrial production needs to have more transmission components types transmission parts more variety , more comprehensive .