novel commentary: nobody lives forever
part one

Take care 007, take special care. The continent’s a hotbed of villainy these days and you can never be too careful…


CC500 scrambler (required on and off-duty if leaving the country); 9mm ASP automatic; small concealable operations baton (black rod, no more than six inches; used by a trained man it could be lethal) & ‘as he drew it from his holster, bond flicked down hard with his right wrist. from the rubber-covered handle sprang a further, telescoped ten inches of toughened steel, which locked into place.’ (a smart blow to the left of the neck, neatly judged to bring unconsciousness and do little further damage)

riviera dei fiori — one of his favorite holiday places

he disliked any food doused in alcohol; frecciarossa bianco (eh, it’ll do) & ‘had taken one look at the champagnes and pronounced them undrinkable, but ‘probably reasonable for making a dressing”

'my upbringing was a touch calvinistic' & 'lower fourth' ??

'don't say anything james, just listen. the instructions are from M, do you accept that?'
      ‘of course.’ he had no alternative, if bill tanner said he was speaking for the chief of the secret service. bond’s discipline was obedience, like a monk to his abbot.’

the service preferred what it liked to call “invisible men” — ordinary, gray people who could vanish into a crowd like illusionists.’

 they usually spoke of service residents by the name of their area of influence.

ok so the rest of this, fuck it, i'm taking pictures and uploading them