everytime i see kris’ pictures

  • is he okay
  • maybe he’s ok
  • is he happy
  • maybe he is
  • what is doing now
  • maybe he’s out
  • is he sad
  • maybe he is
  • is he smiling
  • maybe he is
  • he’s probably walking right now
  • is he alone
  • i hope he’s not
  • he’s okay
  • is  he okay
  • i hope he’s okay

ugh, i miss you kris. ♡

Sitting back on his rocking chair, Julian let out a soft sigh. His captain had forced upon him a two week vacation after countless of grooling hours of hard-work but no sleep. It had been years since the detective had taken any time off for any reason; imagine the look of disbelief on his face when the old man threatened to fire Julian if he didn’t take the vacation. 

The cool night welcomed the man as he rocked back and forth on his seat, a glass of Jack and coke in his hand. The captain had warned Julian he is was caught at the bar during his vacation, the vacation would turn permanent. However, the old man said nothing about drinking at home. A light yawn escaped his lips as Julian felt a headache coming on.

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if we wake up tomorrow and this thing were confirmed to be false, please someone take screenshot so we can laugh and cringe together because we’re so cheesy and yeah we sounded so cheesy like that.

a person can lie using his mouth but when you look at his eye, it contradicts the words that’s coming out of his mouth.
—  yesterday after watching suho’s winning speech @ mcountdown
  • what really happen
  • sm:okay we'll release a 4 second audio so the fans will go crazy!
  • sm:we have make it look like a leaked audio!
  • sm:then scare them that we'll delay the comeback if the spread it on the web
  • sm:then they'll beg us!
  • sm:we'll make them beg!
  • sm:we'll make them wait!
  • sm:which means, more people anticipating!
  • sm:we'll make them beg & until they cry blood!
  • sm:we'll make them suffer!