Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 3 [x]
↳ favourite quote(s)

To be quite honest, it was hard to choose favourite quotes. Castle is full of them. But there are different groups of quotes. You have the fun quotes, the ones that just make you laugh. You have the teasing quotes, the more flirty ones. And you have the meaningful quotes, the quotes with meaning behind them. But what I chose for today, was quotes that really have to do with their relationship. These are a couple of my favourites, quotes that just make me go all asdflkjasdf. Let’s call them the feelsy quotes!


Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 1 [x]
↳ favourite season: season 4

When it comes to Castle, every single season has its greatness, its importance. It makes it hard to choose just one favorite season, but I eventually went for season 4. The reason why this is my favorite, is because you can see them standing on the border, one step away from taking the chance together. You can see they both want to be together, but want to be the best for each other. You can see it in the smiles, the little moments within this season. Castle is waiting for her, and Kate is trying to get through everything and is hoping that when she’s ready, he’ll be there. They’re almost ready to go there. It just made me really love this season, because there’s a lot of angst, anticipation and that god just get together already! Not to mention that at the end, they did get together and it was basically the best get-together moment of any otp ever.


Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 6 [x]
↳ growth: how far they’ve come


castle&beckett appreciation week → 
        day seven: au
Castle and Beckett meet their first year of college and date for a few months before Beckett mysteriously disappears. Seventeen years later, he runs into her as he’s promoted from vice to homicide. There’s just one thing - or rather, someone - that makes things a little more complicated: their sixteen year old daughter, Jo.