Rihanna destroyed CBS’ attitude towards domestic abuse in 2 tweets 

Rihanna is not happy with CBS’s decision to cancel her performance before last week’s Thursday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. 

Sensing that an appearance by the singer — who was the victim of a highly publicized domestic abuse incident herself — might bring them some bad press in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal, the network decided to scrap her show. Rihanna wasn’t pleased

"The audacity" is right.

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CBS Fall Season Promo for their 2014 Fall Season Shows

[Note:  Not sure who picked out the costumes, but the men in white, not a great choice.  They look kind of “clownish’]

Chapter 13.4



Pullin up to the scene, I did not want to go in there. I have a bad feeling some shit is gon pop off, and majority of the time I’m right.

"I have a bad feeling bout this" Arielle mumbled, I looked at her as I put the car in park.

"You do?" I asked, she only nodded her head "Well if it makes you feel any better, I feel the same way" I said.

"Okay, but lets just enjoy ourselves, alright?" she said, tryna sound convincing.

"Aiight, come on" I grumbled, taking the keys out the ignition and getting out my car. She got out and waited by the lawn for the rest of the crew to come over. The street was fairly packed with cars, and some students walking on the sidewalk going to the house.

"Ready to go in?" Ty asked, as they approached us, we nodded our heads and made our way inside the house. Lets just hope nothing bad happens.



- 2 hours later -

It was just me and the crew minding our own business, until the rat approached us. It really isn’t a good time to test me at this given moment, cause I already know what the bitch is up to.

Dondre and I already have a plan figured out. He feels that Mateo is gon ask me to be his girl, and he told me to accept. I was shocked at first, but let it slide and just listen to him. I don’t know why I agreed, he ain’t my dad, but I guess he did it so that we won’t get really attached to one another. I like his company though.

"Why you hangin wit’ diss girl fa?" her ratchet ass voice broke my thoughts. I rolled my eyes.

"Don’t worry bout what I be doin, ma" Dondre gritted out. I know he’s over her shit, the whole crew is.

"Whatever Dondre, why you always dissin me?" she pouted "Especially for this bitch?" she smirked, lookin my way. I ain’t holding my tongue any longer, I’ve been disrespected by her one too many times.

"When you gon stop worryin bout me, ma? That’s all you seem to do. Shit, I must be mistaken, you must like me or sum’n cause yo dumb ass cant seem to hop off my clit" I spat coldly.

"What? Oh the bitch speaks for once" she rolled her eyes. I stood up, looking up at her 5’7" frame. Ion’t give a fuck bout her height, people always mess with me cause of my height or I’m too quiet. Like does it really bother them? I don’t do shit to these people, but they be taking my kindness for weakness.

"I’m speakin, cause it seems that you don’t ever know how to come correct when I’m around. Erica, I did nothing to you" I breathed out, she must be threatened or some shit.

"I know shit bout you" she smirked. I scrunched my face up, fuck she know bout me?

"What do you know? Shit, Ion’t talk to you."

"Word around the street is that your mama is a crackhead, she beat on you, called you a…" I blocked out all what she was saying, all I saw was black and heard people’s ‘ooh’s’, ‘damns’, and ‘oh shits’.



I feel bad for shorty, it wasn’t Erica’s place to put baby girl’s business out there like that. That’s foul as shit. My mouth was ajar, to the damage that Arielle was causing. I’m talking bout jabs being thrown to Erica’s face, all Erica managed to do was pull Arielle’s hair. That’s some weak shit.

"Yo! Get her off dawg!" Ty nudged me, breaking me from my trance. I got up from my seat, and grabbed hold of Arielle’s waist, but her grip on Erica was too strong.

"Let go" I said calmly, trying to pull her back.

"FUCK THAT!" Arielle shouted, and loosened from my grip, punching Erica in the face. Erica stumbled back some, causing them to go down on the floor. Erica ended up on top, I don’t even know how, but she wasn’t doing shit and Arielle’s hits got more heavy. Fuck, baby girl is doing the worst. Rollin around some, Arielle ended up on top, and started banging Erica’s head on the pavement. She bout to kill the damn girl.

I walked over to them, picked Arielle up off Erica, but Erica had a tight grip on shorties hair. “FUCKIN LET GO. SHIT!” I barked, this is too much for one night. Erica being difficult didn’t, Arielle brought her leg up and stomped on Erica’s face, which caused Erica’s grip to loosen. I took that as my cue to go. I threw Arielle over my shoulder, and walked out the party.

"I’m not done with that bitch. PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN!" she shouted. I shook my head and tightened my grip around her. She started hitting on my back, I would be lying if I said that shit didn’t hurt, she got hands forreal.

"Stop fuckin hittin me" I gritted, diggin my nails into her thigh, causing her to yelp, and slow down her hits.

I walked out the house and the crew came up to us shortly. I placed Arielle down and she was crying, I wrapped my arms around her, only for her to push me back. I clenched my jaw, standing in my place. We were all watching her as she was breathing in and out slowly.

"That bitch is finna die. How did her ass even know that shit?" She mumbled, shaking her head.

"Who did you tell?" Kim asked, cause she sure as hell ain’t tell us that shit.

Arielle furrowed her brows, tightening her jaw “Mateo” she shook her head. That’s the last nigga she should’ve told. He’s a damn snake.