Tell me why

Tell me why Cristina is no longer with Owen.

Tell me why a guy will not stand up and confess his love for me the way Jackson did for April.

Tell me why Lexi and Mark had to die.

Tell me why a fictional story gets me so emotionally distraught.

Tell me why Calzona hasn’t had a baby yet.

Tell me why Merder have such a gorgeous house.

Tell me why.



one of my favorite “i love you“‘s on greys♥

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i know the theory is gonna be wrong probably and we'll all be sad but my last bit of hope is that arizona went to the beach like izzy went to the beach. so maybe they both have sex with things in their heads.

that would make me happy cause i would never cheat on callie and it just makes sense. the guy who plays denny is married to lauren right? duh!! parallels!