Tic tac incessante do relógio, que faz a gente continuar esperando: o dia, o mês e o ano seguinte, e nada nunca parece o bastante, porque sempre esperamos por mais.
—  Esther Cazallas.

Alrighty, time to attempt a recap of our weekend in Cazalla! 

So yes, Cazalla is Charo and José María’s pueblo where they grew up, and they now have a cute lil townhouse-type thing there that is suuuper cozy. We spent a lot of time by the fire, or sitting on the couches with the table between them because under the table was a little heater, so if you had your legs under the tablecloth it was incredibly cozy. We arrived on Friday around 4 (we had to leave right after I got back from class and wow that was so rushed), ate some delicious bocadillos that Charo had made back in Sevilla, relaxed and read a bit, and then most of us decided that a siesta was very much needed. After we woke up, we read a bit more, and then the five of us went out to go get tapas and beer at a rather popular bar. We ate some delicious pork and also some amaaaazing local mushrooms that are evidently a big deal. I dunno. We got a whole education segment on mushrooms from José María, which wasn’t surprising because he gives us little educative rants about essentially everything, and that can either be super interesting or super irrelevant and boring. Anyway, after tapas we picked up the pizzas we ordered, and brought those back to the house to eat between the five of us and their friend Aurora. Aurora was around for quite a lot of the time we were there, in fact. After eating, she taught us how to play 7 1/2, which was a card game that was decently fun, and we played for probably about an hour. It was actually pretty funny at certain points! After she left, we enjoyed some mantecados, which are these delicious cookies that everyone gets in Cazalla around Christmas time, enjoyed the cozy heat of the living room, and then I taught José María how to play double solitaire. He was complaining about how complicated it was, but he seemed to understand well enough!

The next day, we all woke up around 10:30 and had a leisurely breakfast in the house, and then I decided to shower! Bad idea, because I forgot to tell Charo, so I had about 30 seconds of hot water. I washed my hair and then gave up, sooo I should probably be showering pretty soon because I am more or less disgusting. Ew. Let’s see, let’s see…José María, Charo and Claire went out for tapas and drinks before lunch time, but Libe and I decided to stay in the house to relax and I got some work done. Good thing I got work done there, because when they came back, Aurora and her SUPER LOUD husband Juan came to join us all. Wow the two of them and José María all talked very loudly and it was SO overwhelming and I was so stressed and almost broke down into tears at the table because I just couldn’t deal with it all. Thankfully, they left before lunch started, and we all basked in the silence of the house and enjoyed a tranquil lunch. Is “tranquil” normal to say in English?? Because tranquilo is used a lot here and now I just can’t remember. After food, we took a quick siesta, and then we all piled into the car to go see the reservoir, which sounded absurdly boring at first, to be perfectly honest, but ended up being incredibly beautiful! We spent a good chunk of time walking along that bridge and enjoying watching the sun set behind the mountains. Very lovely, yes. Después de esto, we stopped by a café full of obnoxious little children and had some coffee and such. Relaxing and dinner to follow, of course, and then we went to a bar and chilled there for longer than I had anticipated. We had some, well interesting conversations…the topic of sex is very normal here, and in most of Europe, evidently, so that came up and we heard the story of José María proposing super casually to Charo and them being all “well yeah we’d been together for five years before we got married so we had had relations before then so no it wasn’t a big deal when José María had to get circumcised 20 days before the wedding” and Claire and I were just kind of like O_O “pardon.” But yeah. Aside from those details, it was a great night!

We woke up ever so slightly earlier this morning to meet up with Aurora and go out for breakfast. There was an expansive menu of bread with ham, bread with tomato sauce, or churros. I really just couldn’t choose between the plethora of available options. However, I ultimately decided on bread with ham, which was pretty good. While Charo, José María and Libe went to go to some cake factory or something, Claire and I walked with Aurora to the Mantecados factory because, *surprise family* I’m bringing home some mantecados! Yay! We loaded up the car, and then Libe stayed at the house while the rest of us went to Aurora and Juan’s farm in the country to go get a ton of fresh veggies! There were also two adorable kitties that made me miss Indy and Cleo lots. The farm was adorable and surrounded by sheep making silly noises and the even fresher-than-fresh air was oh-so welcome. After we finished up our time there, we picked up Libe, drove home, I slept in the car (of course), and here we are back in Sevilla!


We went out on the Non Stop Bar Crawl that Steff works for last night. You know, for some mutual support on her first shift. Realised this morning that we drank a ridiculous concoction of beer, wine, mojito, sangria, strongbow, snakebite, tequila slammer & CAZALLA! And you wonder why you feel like death the next morning.

Me & Phil are going for a curry later as a reward.