Our Cayuga ducks started laying this week. We’ve gotten five eggs so far, one a day, but one of them was dented. We think the huge one may be a double yolk-we’ll find out at breakfast tomorrow.

The Cayugas are a deep green color that looks black in low light. They’re really pretty. The eggs are like a mix of olive drab and dark khaki.



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Kawayo’t – Her name means Resting Canoe by Arnold Jacobs, an Onondaga painter, for his wife Isabel Jacobs, a passionate teacher who helped found the Kawenni:io Private School, a Mohawk/Cayuga Language Immersion program. She recently passed away and the community gathered to remember her amazing contributions to Haudenosaunee cultural and language preservation.


Indigenous Style Icon of the Week: A Tribe Called Red

NDN electronic music collective A Tribe Called Red has become one of the most popular and acclaimed groups in Indian Country; as ICTMN writes,

The hottest Native DJ collective going—hottest of all time, we’ll go ahead and say—is A Tribe Called Red, known individually as Bear Witness (Cayuga), DJ NDN (Nipissing), and DJ Shub (Cayuga). These like-minded indigenous beat-makers have taken powwow music by groups like Northern Cree and Black Lodge, put it into a Cuisinart, and created something incredibly cool, a style the Ottawa-based crew have dubbed Pow Wow Step.

ATCR is a big hit among Native communities, and is gaining notoriety among listeners from all spectrums. While more widely known for their classics like Electric Pow Wow Drum and Red Skin Girl, they have also been a strong voice for indigenous issues like Columbus Day (Sopranos Aztecas), and the struggle for justice for John T. Williams, a Native man who was murdered by Seattle police (Woodcarver). We strongly recommend checking out their music videos (linked above), which are works of art and strong messages in their own right. 

For more info on ATCR and to keep updated, check out their twitter and facebook pages; for free downloads, including their debut self-titled album, see their soundcloud and visit electricpowwow.com

Traditional culture teaches you life values and respect. Our whole culture is based on respect. You have to respect yourself first. If you don’t respect yourself how can you respect somebody else? It all starts with you as an individual.
—  Alfred Keye, Cayuga Elder from Six Nations.