"Always remember that hockey will always be there for you. It'll help you with any problem, stay true to the game. It will stay true to you."


Cayote is a mythical figure in numerous Native American cultures. He is often credited with the creation of man (often from objects found in the natural world such as clay or sticks) and the shaping of landscapes. Cayote is a powerful figure, and in many stories a trickster. According to many traditions he is a shapeshifter, and can appear as a young man as well as an anthropomorphic being with cayote features.

Notes: This is a part of the World Mythology Challenge. Day 7 - Native American Myth.






it's not like i'm above you [X]

I’m sorry my dogs are assholes, little guy.

For anyone who finds injuried wild life this spring, #windrushcentre is a veterinary and wild life service centre. Which means they not only look after your indoor pets but will take on any found injuried wild animal you might unfortunately come across.
They have locations all over the map and no charge for surrendering an animal in need !!

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The first four pages of my current comic project No Dog Before Dog, written by Alex Wilson and done for the Quinate Anthology. These are beta pages, with some tweaks to be made on the text, coloring, and soforth. But it’s my first leap into comics since 2009 and my highly mediocre Enigma Machine, and it’s been one hell of an experience so far. 

It comes out January First, 2014.