My Birth Story~Cayden Edition~

Well it was around 8pm on February 5th I started having contractions back to back but they didn’t hurt. I called my mom to ask if this what it, she thought so but I didn’t wanna believe her. A hour later I’m still having them and they’re still dull but annoying cause I couldn’t lay down. So I started walking around my apartment rubbing my stomach to see if its just gas maybe…another hour passes and they are starting to get painful so I wake my husband up to let him know what’s going on. He called his boss to tell him it was time. Well while he was trying to ahold of someone to cover his shift, my contractions started getting stronger..until I just grabbed my hospital bag and told him to meet me in the car. We drove to the hospital that’s a hour away..yay! -_- when we got there I had to wait since my doctor was delivering another woman’s child. My nurse hooked me up to monitor my contractions. She checked me and I was 2 and a half centimeters. After midnight she checked me again and I was 3 centimeters so she decided to admit me(: oh snap I was officially in active labor. They didn’t put me in a room until 3am since so many people were having babies. I called my doula so she could help me with my labor. She walked and gave me back massages. Around 5 my contractions started slowing down so I agreed to get a little Pitocin to speed them up. After awhile Cayden’s heartbeat was dropping then sky rocketing. So they gave me something to relax and took me off the Pitocin completely and put a catheter in so I could relax and try to regulate Cayden’s heartbeat. At 10am my nurse checked me I was at 7cm and my water still didn’t break. After she left I tried to go back to sleep..then I felt something trinkle out, I thought I peed a little didn’t think nothing of it. 2 hours past and I couldn’t go back to sleep my contractions were still hurting but Cayden’s heartbeat was fine. My nurse came in and checked me and said ” uhh what happened to your bag? I don’t feel it anymore..did your water break?” I said” no…I just peed a little earlier..why?” My husband, doula and my nurse laughed..”sweetheart that was your water and your fully dilated too.” My doula looked at me and said ” you thought you peed? Hun remember you have a catheter in” I honestly forgot XD My nursed left to page my doctor and as soon as she closed the hit me. I had to push. I started to panic a little and kept telling my doula and Justin I had to push..then Justin started to freak out and my doula said ” hold on let me get the nurse and you just take deep breaths and try not to do any hard pushes just light ones.” Which was so hard to do…. -_- my doctor came in with the table with all those weird things and towels on it. They started setting the table up and I put my legs up. My doctor told me to push whenever I felt like I needed to. So I took a deep breath and did 2 big pushes and Cayden’s head was out(: then my doctor told me reach for him and when I did my last push I grabbed him and held him in my arms(: Best feeling ever! It was crazy that I got to pull him up and out^_^ My doula took pictures and we enjoyed the fact that Cayden was finally here. My doctor let my body naturally deliver my placenta and waited until the blood flow stopped to have Justin cut the umbilical cord(: This labor and delivery was different from my first. My labor was longer but my pushing time was shorter. So happy to have my 2 healthy boys(: