Cave 9 Anniversary show!

Reunions by: Death or El Dona, Steel City Crime, Your Loss, Brothers and Sisters, Judy Garland Death Squad, The Payoff, Alan Ogg, Ex Members of the Holy Trinity, Jim Jim Jim Jim plus: Ghost Mice, Droves Food by: THE BARBECUTIONERS

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Celebrating Cave9

This weekend marks the 10 year anniversary of Cave9.  The DIY, all-ages music venue has been closed for several years, but the importance of this place and its lasting impact on Birmingham cannot be overstated.  Cave9’s reputation and the hard work of all those involved, particularly Aaron Hamilton, helped bring some of the finest live bands to Birmingham that I have ever seen.  But Cave9’s dedication to the local community is what truly made this place special.  Cave9 provided a stage and an audience for new, unproven local musicians.  It gave new bands a chance to share the stage with national acts, whose shows at Cave9 often marked the beginning of  successful lives in music.  This Saturday Bottletree celebrates the legacy and spirit of this remarkable place by hosting the Cave9 10 Year Anniversary Party.    Can’t wait to see you all out there.