Stygofauna: Return to the Subterranean

The last post I wrote was a piece on Troglobites (which can be found here: A Troglobite is an animal that lives in a cave, which is adapted to it’s surroundings to the extent they cannot live on the surface. Today I shall discuss the other type of underground fauna, stygofauna.

Stygofauna reside in fresh groundwater systems, such as caves in the subterranean environment. There are three types of stygofauna; Stygophiles, Stygoxenes, and Stygobites. Stygophiles inhabit both the surface and subsurface aquatic environments. Stygoxenes are occasionally found in subterranean water but are generally found above the surface. Finally, Stygobites are always found in underground waters.

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Around The World In 80 Days: Iceland

Photo Credit: (Farero)
Coastal Arch, Iceland
Photo Credit: (Sarah Marino)
Crystal Cave III
Photo Credit: (Juan Pablo De Miguel)

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Recent Acquisition - Photograph Collection

Original caption: “Mountain Climbing Underground. New Market, Va. - Even an explorer must eat and here, the Endless Caverns’ Expedition takes time out for a bit of lunch during a halt on one of the ledges in this underground canyon.The party found that it was easier to carry the food inside them then to pack it along the narrow passageways. Note the chasm at left. November 8, 1940.”