Hameau abandonné, Causses by dubusregis on Flickr.

Les Causses et les Cévennes sont désormais inscrites au patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco. Ces plateaux pelés, ces affleurements granitiques, ces maisons sans âge qui se confondent avec la pierre elle-même, ces ciels uniques : dire que nous avons des lieux pareils en France… Vivement le jour où je pourrai y passer un peu de temps et faire le plein d'images.

Causses, l'épicerie que l'on rêverait d'avoir en bas de chez soi...

Causses, l’épicerie que l’on rêverait d’avoir en bas de chez soi…

Toujours dans mon quartier fétiche au sud de Pigalle je passe et repasse devant cette caverne d’Ali Baba de l’alimentation… Causses.

Primeur, fromager, charcutier, cette épicerie ne propose que des produits d’une qualité irréprochable.

De qualité, certes, mais pas nécessairement hors de prix comme certaines épiceries de luxe à tendance exclusive bio et gluten free (par exemple..).

L’endroit est…

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For all you Melbournians out there, Causses reminded me of luxury grocers Thomas Dux or Leo’s - those fine and speciality supermarkets that have on offer everything you could possibly want and never dream of - I think I once found chocolate pasta on one of their shelves.

Anywho, Causses boasted a nice little gf section including old-veterans - the Marlette range and a few I had not previously seen including the Kent & Fraser range.

Whilst I found it a little pricey, as these specialty groceries always seem to be, it is worthy of a visit if you go to Pousse Pousse or Chloe.S, which are both in the same vicinity.

55 Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette  75009

M Saint George


From World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO: the file Causses Cevennes enters the fray in 2011

The nomination of the Causses and Cevennes ranked World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO is underway. The next review of the record will be made at the annual meeting in July 2011 in Dubai (UAE). He will be defended by the French ambassador to Unesco: Rama Yade.

This nomination has required 12 years of effort to the project leaders. It was attended by residents and elected officials on these vast territories covering 5 departments (Aveyron, Ardèche, Gard, Herault and Lozère) and 3 regions (Languedoc-Roussillon, Rhone-Alpes and Midi Pyrenees).

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Announcements {requested Cameron imagine}

A/N: hey sweetie! I read your request and I loved ittttttt so I’m gonna skip a few so I can do yours hannahjmitch !! It’s so cute and it may be a wee be emotional cause I just finished the finale of drop dead diva.
“Cameron!” You scream and run out of the bathroom of your apartment you share with Cameron.
“Yes sweetheart.” He says and turns around with a smile on his face, which turns into dread when he sees your crushed face and what you are holding.
“Is it… Positive..?” He asks. You can see him wiping his hands on his

jeans, wiping off the worry sweat. Your lip was quivering, tears about to start flowing. That was enough answer for him and he pulled you in his arms. You started crying very hard as he held you tight. “God cameron im so sorry I’m such an idiot.” You let out loud ugly sobs into his chest. “Shhh. It’s okay. It’s okay. I promise it’s okay sweetheart.” He says and kisses the top of your head. “My god Cameron no it isn’t!” You say and let out more sobs. “Y/n we have created a human being that is growing right in there.” He whispers into your neck as he lightly puts his hand on your stomach. “How are we gonna tell my parents? Your parents? The boys…” You say, worried as heck. You had never had to announce anything like this to your parents, ever. Your sister was perfect and had waited until marriage, and your brother was only a year younger than you and he was a perfect angel. Your parents would flip. “Well…. Let’s go.” He said and let go of you, only to grab your hands. “Um… What?” You ask worried. “We better tell your parents and my parents as soon as we can. We don’t wanna be deceitful. And the boys are all coming over tonight anyways. We will tell them then.” He smiles. You felt the tears coming again. “Y/n, it’ll be fine. I promise.” You take his hand, and hope to God that your parents don’t disown you. AFTER TELLING BOTH SETS OF PARENTS Cameron’s parents didn’t take it that bad. They were shocked that their son would get a girl pregnant, but they were glad he was staying in the kid’s life no matter what. They were happy for you, and his mom even seemed excited to be a grandma. Your parents on the other hand went insane. They told you you were dirty and awful. They totally disowned you and said you were no longer their daughter. They said you were a disgrace to the family and never to return to their household again. You expected that so you tried to tell them you were sorry and things would work out, but they stood their ground. Your brother was there, and he was upset as well. He said he was ashamed to have you as a sister. You took the very few things you left at the house and left for good. Yes, you were so upset that your parents disowned you, but you had cameron. That’s all you cared about. __ A/N: I don’t think the boys would care tbh so I’m just gonna leave it at that. HOPE YOU LIKED IT CAUSE I DOOOOO ILY STAY AWESOME -meredith💕