in chem today,

we learned about molarity

so like

i actually stayed awake this entire class period

cause every time my strangely accented teacher says molarity

sounds exactly like moriarty

so i freaked out a lil bit every two seconds or so..just thought i should inform tumblr..


That’s Texas lingo for son of a bitch.  Also, I’m not from Texas, I’m from Dathromir, but let’s not get into that.


I really wanted to make some damn vids, but I was busier than I thought I’d be.  Got some pics of some neat stuff though I’ll post in just a moment.  

Amortentia: An Overview - N.E.W.T Potions

There is no potion known to wizard-kind which can create love. We use the term “love potion” all too often, suggesting that one may simply slip a drop of this or that into the cup of their beloved and hope to have their affections freely returned. This, however, is not the case, and the results are nearly always unhappy. As Hector Dagworth-Granger says:

"Powerful infatuations can be induced by the skillful Potioneer, but never yet has anyone managed to create the truly unbreakable, eternal, unconditional attachment that can alone be called love". 

Love freely given, after all, is far more powerful than that which is fabricated. Its power cannot be mimicked because it is outside the bounds of magic. Yet, while love cannot be created or destroyed by anything but itself, there are close relations of love. Lust, infatuation, and their milder cousin, attraction, may all be copied. 

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