"Dylan…looking kind of James Dean."—Jeff Davis [x]


life isn’t bliss, life is just this, it’s living


I’m willing to disregard Rachel and proceed with the treatment.


The Haitian: Am I being replaced?

Noah: Only for a while - just until I find his weakness. And then I’m gonna kill him.

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Suicide Silence - You only live once

I don’t care. watch it

Pic Rec - Caught Up by: ScottMcNiceAss

He takes a step down the hall, closer to Liam, and Liam instinctively takes one back until he remembers why he’s here. He stands his ground, waiting as Z gets closer.

“Not you, though,” he says, voice low. “You don’t want to play the hero, Liam Payne. You just want to help people. You have morals, don’t you? And you won’t back down, because you’re fighting for something. Sure, something as pathetic and impossible as proving to the world that there is still good out there, but that’s still something. It’s the ones who are fighting for something that you have to worry about.”

Liam pretends to be as unfazed by this as he can, but it’s hard because it’s spot on. It’s something that he’s thought more than once himself. Maybe not that last part, but the rest of it. It freaks him out that this person knows this about him, has managed to crack Liam open and sift through everything he found inside, tucking away important pieces of information that benefited him.

“What about you?” Liam asks, a defensive tone to his voice. “Playing Robin Hood and vigilante. You’re going about it the wrong way, and I think you know that, but in the end you’re doing exactly what I’m doing.”

Now it’s his turn to say, “Really. And what’s that?”

“Helping people.” Liam takes a step forward as he talks. “Those who deserve it.” Another step. He can pick out the lighter flecks of colour in those brown eyes now, reflecting the low-light of the overhead light. “You’re fighting for something, you’re just fighting in the wrong way.”