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My sister was watching the "One Direction: Up All Night – The Live Tour" and she told me that you are in that video ._. Is that true or was she drunk?

im everywhere

anonymous asked:

What would you think of someone who saw the perfume "FAME" so cheap that he or ahe decided to buy it for his or her best friend because the box it came the perfume is ruined by the plane was coming?

What is important is the intention.

I mean, is a shame that it has been ruined but at least you care for that person and you have bought him/her something; all the people that I know (not my family and my best friend included) never bring me nothing from their trips or even for my birthday! But if they will, even if it’s broke or whatever, I’ll apreciate the intention. 

If you want, you can still give it to said person and explain what had happened or just tell him/her what had happened and buy him/her a new one next time.

I’m sure that he/she will apreciate what you did. However, if he/she doesn’t, fuck him/her.

If it makes you feel better, mine also had been broken on a flight because it wasn’t well put in the suitcase.