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Wait... why do you dislike the Catwoman sections of Arkham City? I thought her costume was kinda dumb but she seemed okay otherwise? Admittedly I am not a big Catwoman fan and may be missing something crucial. To me she's always had wildly different personalities in each appearance I see her, so I can't see it as being "out-of-character"?

I didn’t say I disliked them! I actually love playing as Selina, her stats are far more my preferred fighting style than Bruce’s — or Dick or Tim’s when you get to there (am I the only one who feels like playing Tim is pretty much the same as Bruce with different weapons and smaller strength stats?).

I’m a huge Catwoman fan, and the costume was a buzz kill to start with, but I’m mostly used to that objectification, unfortunately. I just mentally skew it to being that Selina owns her sexuality and ignore how male gazey things are every time it’s featured in any media.

No, what I said was that I had to turn the TV on mute in her sections. And that’s because I can take a costume and Selina’s sexy walk. But I absolutely grind my teeth every time I’m called a “bitch” while I’m playing.

And here’s the thing, sadly I’d probably not notice if it was the occasional crook — there’s plenty of nasty comments (though not to that level) thrown at Bruce as you play — but that’s the thing. There’s lots of different dialogues featuring the crooks in Bruce’s sections. But every time you play Selina these are the only things screamed at you. And it’s like multiple times in the same sequence.

It just sucks the fun out of my favorite sections of the game almost simultaneously.

And it’s not like Dick and Tim where “oh it’s a patch and they didn’t have the development time as the rest of the in-game story” — like, no. Selina’s episodes throughout the game are way more integrated and were worked on from the very beginning along with the main storylines. There’s no excuse for these choices.

I should also note that, yeah there’s a lot of variation to Selina’s appearance in different continuties… but not really that much? I can honestly say I have preferences, but unlike Dick whose interpretations I can honestly dislike in some cases, every incarnation of Selina I’ve been privy to has been equally delightful for me (the occasional Frank Miller wordvomit and Elseworld aside) and I actually think there’s a lot stronger connection to her core character in all of these than to some other Bat characters.

After all, even with 3 actresses in the part, the 1960’s Batman version of Catwoman definitely resembles modern Catwoman more on the surface than that version of Batman resembles today, for better or worse.

Female Joker Sniickersnee #sniickersnee
Yep had some fun doing this one on a sketchcard blank (for those who don’t know sketchcards are almost the size of a buinsess card)
Of course being the naughty crime fighter I am I slipped those two clowngirls of hers out revealing tempting swirls around her luscious nipples….its how she keeps the bat hypnotised while she wacks him with a mallet lol.

Hope you like it :)