Growing up near Wild Cattle with @livingitrural

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“People look at me in disbelief and think I’m nuts when I lay down next to a 800kg bull to take his picture,” says Remo Jacobs (@livingitrural).

The 17-year-old student from Gangelt, Germany, grew up with Scottish Highland cattle. The animals were reintroduced into the wild in a nature protection area close to Remo’s house when he was four years old. Knowing the herd for over 13 years, Remo can now read the body language of the cattle. “If a cow looks at me and then looks away after a few seconds I know I can come closer. But if the animal stops and stares at me, it feels threatened.” Remo is particularly taken with the calves. “I just lay in the grass and wait. They’ll approach curiously, and often I can pet them.”


The Ankole-Watusi is a breed of African cattle with enormous horns. Like many other animals with headgear, the horns are used for defense, mating, and to relieve their high body temperature. Blood is pumped into the honeycomb matrix inside their horns, where it is cooled off by wind. 

The first photo is by Miloš Anděra.

Three cows (female cattle) in a fight by RLBarn on Flickr. They are only trying to establish dominance, not really hurt each other.

A herd photographed by Charles Hood of Antelope Valley College.

Mama and Calf from Beef Magazine.

Photo by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher.

Lurch set the world record for largest steer horns. They are 3 feet in circumference, 7 feet long, and 100 pounds each. 

CT Woodie set the record for largest circumfrence of horns in a bull. His horns were uneven and in two out of the three photos I have seen of him, he was standing like that.

"Belgian Blue cattle are a beef breed from Belgium. Their sculpted, muscular appearance is known as ‘double muscling’ which is a trait shared by the Piedmontese breed. The natural mutation of the gene that codes for myostatin, a protein that counteracts muscle growth is found within the Belgian Blue. The truncated myostatin cannot function in this capacity, resulting in enhanced lean muscle growth. This defective myostatin gene is maintained through line breeding."

If you are vegetarian, you directly contribute to the deaths of male chicks in the egg industry, and male calves in the dairy industry.

Not to mention the heinous mutilations, confinement, abuse and eventual death of egg laying hens, and dairy cows.

I was vegetarian for 8 years. I thought that was enough. It’s not. I’m sorry, it just isn’t. So if you are veggie and you are ready to start going vegan, I am more than happy to help you, and educate you. I was in your place once and I wish I had gone vegan sooner. You can do it, I promise. <3