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depends. I’m not going for “cute”. If you are, feel free to cosplay one of the other designs. I’m kind of going for “crazy somewhat opposite of how John acts” So crazy mean on purpose type thing for me.

Ok well i think i kinda wanna do this one, it looks cool! plus jade is pretty different in the other designs that nikki and jesse are doing, like she’s not neon or anything, so i think i’ll do this one! it’s more complicated, but I think i’ll be a lot happier with it when i’m done :) i just don’t want to mess up the group, so i don’t want anyone mad at me…

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stealthos-aurion.devian… buhBAM But yes I kind of want to cosplay that version of trickster john because I really like it??

yeah you could do that version of john! I feel like they’re a lot more colorful, but I also showed nikki THIS ONE and THIS ONE (which I would have to ask the cosplayer permission to copy her design), and she said those other two were a lot cuter, but i don’t know??? I just think this one looks cool… i’m really conflicted here and i don’t know i want a second opinion what do you think?

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Buy two wigs, and sew them together. Buy a long white one and a short black one, and then just sew the black wefts on top. That’s what I’d do anyway.

ohhhh that would work… then i wouldn’t have to dye it… but then i have to learn how to sew the wigs together ok lemme look it up on the INTERNET which is one of my best friends and has the answers to anything ever