I was tagged by tardis-atbakerstreet , thanks love.

1. Always post the rules
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Questions Asked:

1. What is your favorite band?

Tie between Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco

2. Favorite Band Member?

Patrick Stump for FoB and Brendan Uriel for P!atD

3. What color is your hair?

Chocolate Brown

4. Any hobbies?

Reading, writing, drawing, singing, playing my guitar, and taking care of animals.

5. Something you love but never really talk about to anyone?

Gee, way to come up with a hard question! XD. Graphic design?

6. Country do you live in?


7. What Country do you want to live in?

Great Britain XD

8. Favorite Song?

Just one yesterday ~ Fall Out Boy

9. OTP?

Um………..Amy and Rory from DW

10. Favorite color?

Forest green

11. Favorite Book?

The Iron King

My questions for people:

1. Favorite Movie?

2. Favorite t.v show?

3. Least Favorite color?

4. Super power you would love to have?

5. Favorite Superhero?

6. Favorite Youtuber?

7. What would your dream job be?

8. Do you want/ have you gone to college?

9. City you want to live in?

10. Spirit Animal?

11. What time is it right now?

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