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the other day my mom's super conservative friend (who i hate) took a look at my blog and saw your url on post i've reblogged and called my mom and complained that "the f word is on your daughters blog!!!!" lol i thought it was so funny. thanks for having your url i guess! (:

Ahh oh no!  This is the first time I’ve heard of someone getting “in trouble” because of the blog name lol.  Sounds like your mom didn’t mind too much, though.

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wtf is wrong with men???????? that’s so not okay

i know!!!! i see this kid whenever i wait for juli to be done with class because his friend group is always in the lounge on mon/wed/fri so i feel like im just gonna flip him off every time i see him from now on. if i wasnt on the phone with my mom at the time i would have said something really rude but i said, hey buddy you lookin for something???? and he ignored me like yo??? im halfway contemplating if he’s maybe really socially inept but no ive seen this kid act appropriately all the time so?????????????????