Okay so since we know Rin’s plans but don’t really know Haru’s plans yet, right now, for this week alone until the next episode airs, my headcanon is that Haru chooses to go with Rin.

I feel like they could stay with Russell and Lori for a little bit while they get on their feet and get an apartment, jobs, etc. They could take Winnie to play at the beach and Rin could show Haru all the places he loves to visit and his old school. Haru can learn english and get to know Russell and Lori, who seem to really like him anyway… ;v;

And so does Winnie *licks* ❤

…Also Maccas because I just want to say Maccas (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

It’s wishful thinking, I know. And normally I don’t like drawing things for possibilities that may not happen… But for this week I’ll let myself.


Fall is almost here!

I’m on a trip in Seattle and I decided to go all out on my first ootd in this beautiful city. This outfit is an updated version of my most popular outfit on chatetchouette to make it perfect for the chilly weather. My favorite piece of this ensemble is this beautiful dark grey cardigan from Nordstrom that I managed to thrift for 12 dollars. This piece is a perfect edition to my closet that I’ve been consistently updating for the past several months. So you’ll be seeing more of this piece in future posts. Thanks to the owner of our other sponsor nectarineclothing for taking my pictures today! Look out for more content soon.


Cat Beanie - Gifted // free
Top - Thrifted // $2.00
Cardigan - Nordstrom // thrifted // $12.99
Bottoms - Forever 21 // $8.50
Boots - Charlotte Russe // $25.00

blueoddish said:

Koala Haru! Omg xD you've got some serious power to transform him into the cutest things ever <3 I hope we get some kind of reconciliation like this one T-T

Thank you ahaha <333 
They should have the perfect reconciliation TT After all they are Makocalyptus Tatreebana X Koala Haru !!!