my best friend typed “Catro” instead of “Castro” in our history class today and so the rest of class consisted of me sending her these:




and then I changed it up a little and sent her


I don’t know how I kept my composure especially sine the teacher was 10 ft away from us

La Filosofía Política

La Filosofía Política | iJustSaidIt

Si un día amaneciera Nicolás en Cadena Nacional diciendo: somos un gobierno con un proyecto marxistas-leninista, y vamos abolir la propiedad privada, al menos su postura seria valiente y da oportunidad a quienes se oponen a ello a realizar las acciones contra-revolucionarias necesarias para intentar impedirlo.

Toda política debe tener un sustento filosófico


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Andres Bonifacio: A Great Hero

Andres Bonifacio:  The Great Hero

By Wobbrigade (Clark Trovela, Rjay Catro, Makoto Gabatin, Nats Nuelan, Mario Guliman, Freedom Verzola, Charles Billedo, Ian Lazaro)


                Andres Bonifacio, one name that probably is known by all Filipinos. Just look around everywhere, it seems that every province has a name and a place in honor of this hero. But then, who is Andres Bonifacio and why is the honor given to this person is that much?


                Maybe the story of the fall of Andres Bonifacio in the post as Supremo of Katipunan is familiar to you?  This happened in the Tejeros Convention at Cavite when supposedly, the Cavite chapter of Katipunan were to elect their head. But then, this convention was misleading and to surprise of Bonifacio, it became an event which would elect the new leader of the Katipunan. Much of an ambush, all of the people in the convention were in favor that Aguinaldo be the new Supremo of Katipunan. In the said event, Bonifacio received lots of demoralizing statements about how he is incapable of leading the Katipunan just because he didn’t earn a University degree. Just a few days later, Bonifacio was shot dead in the mountains together with his brother.

                The life of Andres Bonifacio is as tragic as the fight for freedom and independence.  At the age of 19, both the parents of Bonifacio died because of illness leaving him and his siblings orphaned. Because of this, he used his values of industriousness and worked for several companies.  His romance life is as well as tragic as his fight for revolution. Bonifacio had two wives, first one being Monica from Bacoor how died because of leprosy and lastly Gregoria De Jesus from Kalookan in which Bonifacio has a child with her but then died as an infant.


                Bonifacio started becoming involved in steps toward Revolution when he joined La Liga Filipina, a organization founded by Rizal but then this group only met once as Rizal was sent to Dapitan for Exile. But then, this did not stop Andres to fight for freedom and Independence. He formed KKK, also known “Kataas-taasang Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan”. In less than a year, the membership of this group grew from 300 to 30,000. There have been a lot of steps done by the Katipunan in order to let the revolution happen. There have been acts like “Sigaw ng Pugadlawin”,  “Battle of San Juan Del Monte” and others. Until the last breath of Andres Bonifacio, he offered his life for revolution.


                Then why do we honor Andres Bonifacio that much that we consider him “Our Great Hero”? We say that a hero is someone who has sacrificed his life for a country but Andres Bonifacio is MORE than that. He is a leader. A leader that is very intelligent and has tactics, enough to build a great network for revolution. He has the values and the capibility to lead the people. He is an artist. Not just a simple artist, but an artist for the nation. He is poetic enough to express his patriotism and nationalism through his literary works like “Ang Pag-ibig sa Tinubuang Lupa”. He writes narratives and newsletters that are persuasive enough to engage people to join the revolution. And more than that, Andres Bonifacio is more likely just like anyone of us, a person who went through trials and struggles, triumphs and heartbreaks. But then, he is strong enough to forget his personal life and rather fight for our freedom and independence. 

Andres Bonifacio. A Leader. An Artist. A Simple Person. BUT then turned out to be a great hero who has done so much for a country. A simple reminder that anyone of us can contribute to the betterment of the society. 


Ovos recheos

Unha comida rica, sana, fresca e económica!



  • Tres ou catro ovos (un por persoa)
  • Unha ou dúas latas pequenas de atún
  • Dúas ou tres baritas de surimi tipo Krissia (opcional)
  • Tres follas de leituga
  • Maionesa


A elaboración é fácil e rápida:

1. Poñemos a cocer os ovos.

2. Unha vez cocidos, pasámolos por auga fría e pelámolos.

3. Partimos cada un dos ovos á metade lonxitudinalmente.

4. Retiramos as xemas e reservamos.

5. Cortamos en anaquiños as baritas de surimi (opcional).

6. Nun bol, botamos as xemas e desfacémolas en migas. Mesturámolas ben co atún e os anaquiños de surimi.

7. Engadímos á mestura unha cullerada rasa de salsa maionesa e mesturamos de novo.

8. Reenchemos os ovos coa mestura formada e decorámolos como máis nos guste. A min gústame cambiar cada vez q os fago.

9. Reservamos no frigorífico durante unhas horas, xa que canto mási freaquiños máis bos estarán.

10. Servimos acompañados de leituga sen aliño.


Xa vedes que é moi faciliño, asique máns á obra!