• Red-Queen:I don't think my muse would be able to handle a bby
  • Szayate-sama:candice would kidnap ot
  • Szayate-sama:it
  • Flash Typist:Cang would not like that.
  • Red-Queen:Candy can't have it
  • Flash Typist:Flash Typist protective father.
  • Not Frankenstein.:Image of Cang in a black Quincy outfit.
  • Not Frankenstein.:Stading in front of a michrophone
  • Red-Queen:UNF
  • Not Frankenstein.:quietly and with a cracking vocie going
  • Not Frankenstein.:"How could this happen to me
  • Not Frankenstein.:I made my mistakes
  • fιℓℓє∂ ωιтн ∂єѕραιя:omg
  • Not Frankenstein.:I am a horrible person.
  • Red-Queen:lmfao

▼   catnipp-blitz


The former Tres eyed the woman warily — it was hard to know what to expect of them, but she doubted she would have anything especially friendly to say. Regardless, she certainly wasn’t going to attack unless she deemed it necessary.

“And what brings you here?” she commented meekly, as if she hadn’t seen plenty others as of late.

Strange reiatsu made the petite woman perk up, turning slightly to see the source of it. Her brow furrowed slightly in confusion at the newcomer before relaxing her features into a neutral expression.

“Ah, hello there…”

“—Eh, Rain was so boring sometimes.” Sometimes other fun things can happen though. I was pretty boring sitting there doing nothing. It was pouring pretty hard and well she was sure something was going to happen sooner or later. Like a tree catching on fire or something. She was staring out the window and soon heard a knock. 




She got up from her chair by the window and open the door. There was Candy,in white and all wet. And not the good kind of wet. She giggled and moved out of the way to get the other in. Closing the door. “Strip down and I’ll get you a towel.” the other one said with a small grinned as she went to get her the towel. Guess some nights do come with the funny actions as well.