Let me introduce my babies!

I have 3 cats each have a story of why they are here with me. Let’s start from the beginning when i was watching The Lion King a million times a year as a kid and it made me the cat obsessed lover that i am today.

Fluffy (Pictures in the first two rows) - Was born July 2010 in a litter with her sister. My brother’s best friend gave my brother the kitten. My mother didn’t want anymore cats because we already had Shadow but Fluffy’s cuteness had overridden all the bullshit she was talking and we ended up keeping her.

Shadow (Pictured in the middle) - Born November 2000 this bundle of cuteness had one job and one job only and that was to get rid of the mice in my house she did her job amazingly and i had to clean up all the dead bodies she left in front of my room. -_-

We kept here because of the mice problems and she’s too cute to let go. amd also me begging my mother

Tiger (Pictured in the last row) - Born July 2010 in the litter with her sister Fluffy was this sweetheart Tiger (she’s literally the sweetest when she warms up to you). My uncle needed a cat because of his mice problems so he came and got Tiger from my house then my mom went for visits to his house and when she came back she would describe Tiger as a total monster to everyone in my uncle’s house.

i later found out that they abused her over there and then i understood why she was always hissing she’s afraid of what someone was going to do to her. My uncle was having a baby and moving and he wanted to get rid of Tiger I jumped in on that one and volunteered to take her in until he moved. when i got her she was scared of everything she’d attack my hands when i try to touch her and she hiss and and hit anyone trying to get pass her it was really bad.

But after 3 weeks and never giving up on trying to make her feel comfortable finally paid off she started warming up to everyone in the house and that’s how i have Tiger now i’m not giving her back to my uncle Tiger’s my sweetheart.

(anytime my uncle visit she’s ready to fight him it’s funny to him but i fear she’s gonna fuck him up one day i just hope i’m here to see it and protect her afterwards :D)