Nov 2013 — “Showing no hesitance and displaying the living out of the Beatitudes that characterizes his Petrine ministry, Pope Francis embraced, kissed, and blessed a man with severe facial deformities. Pope Francis, while speaking with the man, gestured toward the sky in a private moment, in the midst of a crowded square. The name of the man and the cause of his disfigurement are unknown.” 

May we all be so focused on sharing Christ’s example that we never recoil from comforting those in need.


December 17 marks the beginning of the "O" Antiphons dating back to the 4th century, one for each day until Christmas Eve. These antiphons address Christ with seven magnificent Messianic titles, based on the Old Testament prophecies and recalls the variety of the ills of man before the coming of the Redeemer. (Before the coming of God in the flesh, we were ignorant, subject to eternal punishment, slaves of the Devil, shackled with our sinful habits, lost in darkness, exiled from our true country. Hence the ancient antiphons announce Jesus in turn as our Teacher, our Redeemer, our Liberator, our Guide, our Enlightener and our Saviour.

The order of the antiphons climb climatically through our history of Redemption. 

In the first, O Sapientia, we take a backward flight into the recesses of eternity to address Wisdom, the Word of God. In the second, O Adonai, we have leaped from eternity to the time of Moses and the Law of Moses (about 1400 B.C.). In the third, O Radix Jesse, we have come to the time when God was preparing the line of David (about 1100 B.C.). In the fourth, O Clavis David, we have come to the year 1000. In the fifth, O Oriens we see that the line of David is elevated so that the peoples may look on a rising star in the east, and hence in the sixth, O Rex Gentium, we know that He is king of all the world of man. This brings us to the evening before the vigil, and before coming to the town limits of Bethlehem, we salute Him with the last Great O, O Emmanuel, God-with-us.

♫♪ O Come, O Come Emmanuel ♪♫ (hymn based on O Antiphons)

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Pope Francis Celebrates 78th Birthday By Giving Hundreds Of Homeless People Sleeping Bags

Pope Francis Celebrates 78th Birthday By Giving Hundreds Of Homeless People Sleeping Bags

This past Wednesday marked Pope Francis’ 78th birthday, although he refused to let himself become the focus. With the help from volunteers and Swiss Guards, the Pope celebrated by distributing hundreds of sleeping bags to Rome’s homeless population.

Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, who manages Pope Francis’ charity work, headed the operation and ensured that 400 sleeping bags marked with hoods and…

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"Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples is not the only threat weakening the institution. It is, however, the most prominent and pressing danger to fundamentally altering marriage, as it undermines the good that marriage provides society. Moreover, redefining marriage is at odds with religious freedom, as we see more and more that those who believe in marriage are politically, culturally, and legally persecuted for those beliefs." - Alliance Defending Freedom



Picture from Before the Revolution