youcannotrelight replied to your post: Im reading wuthering heights and like …

oh god no wait that book destroyed my life age 12-16! I had very strange expectations of what i wanted from a romantic relationship.

literally the same as me with those i am not even kidding

when is my bastard lawyer going to crawl out of the earth’s crust


Quiet and Family Friendly Fireworks

Quiet and Family Friendly Fireworks

Here at the home of beautiful fireworks, we know that not everyone will love loud bangs, screeches and whistles so we have a small selection of low noise fireworks which concentrate on effect and colour as opposed to noise.

Selection boxes are usually a good starting point for any decent garden display and we have chosen some for just such an occasion.

The Dynamic Selection Boxis a cracking…

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Now Introducing: Brooke Lancaster

  • she is twenty years old
  • she grew up in vault 101 but was born outside of the vault
  • she is the daughter to james and catherine
  • she is naturally quiet and has a hard time with trust
  • she can be brutally sarcastic and has a sweet tooth
  • she is knowledgeable in science and medicine
  • she is on a mission to finish project purity
  • she is hopelessly in love with andrew

I got an email from tumblr telling me that today is my blogs 4th birthday! 

at first I was like: oh cool, then I was like…


I’ve been sat scrolling this damn website for 4 years, jfc.

at least they gave me a cupcake


thanks tumblr.

lol my 86 year old (slightly senile) grandma just called me

grandma: so what are you doing?
me: just sitting by my computer
grandma: ah you are one of those computer nerds?
me: hahaha yeah I guess so
grandma: that’s good, it means you got something in your brain

thanks grandma *continues to scroll tumblr*

so my family and I were gonna go on a road trip today and we drove for a bit until my aunt had to get gas and she accidentally filled the car with diesel, and well…we didn’t get much further after that

while waiting for help me and my cousins played in the kid area of a remote Burger King and now we’re on the train back home

so what was supposed to be an all day excursion ended after two hours

jesus fucking christ jennifer is nominated for an oscar again! she sure knows how to pick her movies doesn’t she. her career is just unbelievable, she gets nominated for everything and always wins, it’s going so fast. i’m like is she really that good in american hustle? it’s silver lining all over again. it’s just so crazy.

So apparently queen Amy Poehler has a brother that lives in Sweden cause he married a Swedish girl, and he and Amy have co-created a tv show called Welcome to Sweden which Amy is guest appearing in along with Will Ferrell!! the show is produced by a Swedish company but has also been picked up by NBC to be shown in America.

He and Amy have also started a production company named Syskon, which is the Swedish word for siblings. 

I’m sorry but i just think this is really cool.