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Hi! Can I request? How the boys would handle seeing someone picking on you? There's just something sweet about being rescused. Thanks! (btw you are a great writer!)

awh, thank you! ♥

Host Club : Headcanon

- Tamaki : Tamaki would rush in immediately, without a second of hesitation. He would probably act more as if he were your older brother trying to be like a father, if anything. He’d point at them and scold, yelling, “YOU LEAVE MY LITTLE _____ ALONE!”

- Kyoya : Kyoya would be very calm about it in comparison to Tamaki. He would step in between you and the attacker and say something along the lines of, “Hm. If I see you picking on poor ____-chan one more time, then I will have the wrath of the Ootori family brought down upon you and your family. Understood?”

- Honey : Honey would go through two phases. First, he’d walk up to you and the bullies. He’d take a sweet, kind approach. “Can you please stop bothering ____-chan? You’re hurting her/his feelings.” However, if this doesn’t work, Mitsukuni just might use a little bit of his martial art skills.

- Mori : Just by walking up between you and the attackers, Takashi would have a very good chance of scaring them away, mainly because of his large and intimidating build. However, if that doesn’t work, then he is bound to use some kendo.

- Hikaru : I imagine Hikaru would be a bit of a little shit about it. He would be bound to yell and taunt the attackers menacingly. Nevertheless, it would take longer than he’d like it to take. “Leave ___-chan alone, you little…”

- Kaoru : Kaoru would be a little softer about it. He’d certainly be annoyed and unhappy about it, but surely not as rash as Hikaru. He’d try to slowly ease the bullies away, but if it didn’t quite work out as hoped, Kaoru might begin to react a bit more like his older twin.


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Haruhi telling Tamaki that she's pregnant? by the way, your writing is amazing! :)

compliment me on my writing and you have my heart <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU SWEETIE

"Haruhiiii, I’m home!~" Tamaki’s voice resonated through the house as he opened the front door and greeted his wife. But Haruhi’s usual "Welcome home!" reply couldn’t be heard. Tamaki walked to the kitchen, and saw no one. Then to the laundry room, yet still, no one. He entered their bedroom, and saw the bathroom door ajar.


Haruhi slowly stepped out, her eyes on the ground. Tamaki immediately became alert. “What’s wrong? Do you feel sick?” He walked towards her, when Haruhi held up a white stick. Tamaki stopped in his tracks.

"What’s that?"

Haruhi looked at him for three seconds, and then smiled. “Welcome home, Daddy.”

Tamaki felt his jaw drop open. “You.. wait— you don’t.. OHMYGOD!” He laughed and ran to Haruhi, wrapping her in his arms. “YOU’RE PREGNANT?!”

"YES!" Haruhi laughed and kissed her husband. 

Tamaki began fumbling around. ”OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD WE HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE! WE HAVE TO GO TO THE DOCTOR WE HAVE TO—” he stopped once again, when his eyes met his wife’s, who was leaning by the door, and who was looking at him with tears running down her cheeks.

He slowly embraced Haruhi, and kissed her forehead. “Everything’s going to be alright, baby..” Tamaki caressed Haruhi’s brown locks and kissed her again. “This time, our Hana will be watching over her new sibling, right?”

Haruhi nodded, a small smile forming on her lips. Tamaki felt his own tears run down his cheeks. “And this time, I am definitely going to let anything bad happen to you.”

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you are my hero! I hope you don't mind, what was her reaction to the drawing?

i’m so honored! and of course i don’t mind! :) 

Kaoru Hitachiin : Imagine 

Kaoru hadn’t though he could be more embarrassed than before, but apparently he stood corrected.

You finally looked up from the drawing, only to be faced with a completely red Kaoru. You clearly had no idea what to say, and you supposed that you were safe from actually saying anything. Your teacher had returned to his lecture just now, after all. 

Kaoru slumped back in his chair, covering his face. He would’ve groaned, but be definitely didn’t need their professor focusing his attention on the ginger again. 

He remained that way up until class was over. 

The immediate second the bell echoed through all of the hallways, Kaoru grabbed all of his items ( including the leather bound notebook ), threw them all into his bag, and bolted out of the hallway.

Blinking repeatedly, you did the same. Regardless of you not being as quick as him, you eventually caught him right in front of music room three, where he as supposed to be going through his daily sessions after class. To your approval, you were both the only ones in that hallway.

"Are you red from running or embarrassment?" You questioned once catching him, your hand now snug onto his uniformed jacket.


You wanted him to know that it was okay, and you didn’t mind him drawing you like that. It was just that you preferred he didn’t do it in class, and surely didn’t show them to anybody again. 

"Well it was a very nice sketch." You announce, pulling him a little closer so he’d face you.

"But nobody was supposed to see that." Kaoru whined, he clearly hadn’t wanted anybody to have seen such a provocative thing made from his hand, and he seemed to think you were upset with him over it.

"Then don’t draw things like that in class." You kissed the tip of his nose lightly, trying to inform him that it was okay. "Only our teacher saw it, it’s fine. He’ll forget about it eventually, I’m sure."

The boy was silent for a few moments.

”____-chan?” He asked, finally. “Why aren’t you mad at me? Aren’t you supposed to be angry? or upset, at least?” 

"I’m not supposed to be anything, Kaoru.”

that did not turn out how i was expecting it to and i just whoops

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Oh good, I have another one. It would be interesting to see Kyoya coming to terms with the reason for writing so much about a certain someone in his black book of student information. Thanks again!!

ooh, yay. anytime! that’s what i’m here for. and honestly, i really enjoy writing out all of your prompts.

Kyoya Ootori : Imagine

Kyoya sat on his little chair in the host club, by his circular table. He had his laptop open nearby, but he was ignoring it. Instead, the dark haired boy was staring into the few back pages of his book filled with student information.

However, that wasn’t quite what he was reading about.

As he was looking way back into the last pages of the leather bound book, he tapped his fingers against the brown wood to a beat, in order. 

Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky. Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky…

The specific section he was looking at was a complete section absolutely dedication to you. 

It had a paragraph describing what you looked like, one on who your parents were, another on your interests, another on how many times you had been to the host club as well as who you had asked for, and so much more.

However, Kyoya couldn’t quite understand why he had so much written about you, why he had spent so much of his time dedicated to just thinking about you. 

He had been trying to figure this out for ages now, but he still couldn’t figure it out. 

You didn’t have much value to the Ootori family business, you didn’t come to the host club a whole lot, you weren’t too often speaking to the rest of the host club… What could it be, that made you occupy his mind so fully? 

What logical explanation could there be for all of this?

But then it hit him, like a brick to the face. 

The solution to this problem wasn’t logical. It was emotional. 

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Tamaki finds out s/o is getting stalked and is getting anxiety from it (story it up your so gooooood at it I literally sit on your blog pressing refresh)

haha, thank you! ♡

Tamaki Suoh : Imagine

Tamaki looked at you with concern. “How long has this been going on?” He had his pale arms tightly clamped around your torso, with his mouth down by your ear. He was only whispering to you at the moment, for he was extremely afraid of startling you even further.

"A-about a week now.." 

The only reason you were so shaken up from the reoccurring anxiety attacks that had been coming recently. Tamaki had just witnessed one happen, sparked by you thinking you saw somebody in the corner of your eye, when really, nobody had been there at all. 

What make Tamaki even more worried was the news you had given him alongside it. Your newly frequent anxiety attacks and fears were not at all at random. They were all because some boy from school had been following you around for the past number of days, and it had taken more than a bit of a toll on you. Not only were you afraid of the boy himself, but you had also begun to be very paranoid no matter where you were, for maybe he was following you then. Maybe that boy was still watching you like he had been earlier. 

Whimpering as you curled into his chest, he spoke up. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner, ____-chan? Don’t you trust me?” The blonde couldn’t help but feel a little betrayed.

"I was afraid." You murmured. It almost came out completely inaudible, with your face buried into his shirt like that. 

"Well, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, okay? I’ll make sure nobody follows you anymore." He kissed the top of your head sweetly. "Now, what did this boy look like?"

shit that sucked ugh im sorry