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apparently im following 2100 blogs now, so i checked the following tab and lo and behold! it’s like i just made a catherine collage idek omg

You will never be truly happy if you continuously hold on to the things that make you sad.

Yung taong source of happiness ko noon, source of pain ko na ngayon.

Can someone teach me how to let things go easy? Can you please tell me how to let her go and never hold on anymore?

Can you?

anonymous said:

Where will McRoll go for their honeymoon?

Contrary to many opinions, they would celebrate they honeymoon thoroughly :)) adventurous hiking trips can be saved for other occasions, for honeymoon Steve definitely wants to take Catherine somewhere at least half as beautiful as his wife ^^ somewhere where they can enjoy evening walks after spending whole day in bed, or eat a breakfast on a balcony with a perfect view. I’m thinking classical european honeymoon, but not Paris. They’ve been there before a couple of times, so Steve makes sure it’s a place they haven’t been before. Cross out France, Italy, Greece, too cliched, too many tourists, not really their style.

I’m thinking…. Portugal :D 

anonymous said:

Does the first time Cath cooks for Steve have any special meaning to them or for some special specific occasion? Like Steve coming from a harsh classified missiont? What do you think?

Hmm, no, I don’t think so. I mean every tiny moment when they are together is kind of important and had a special meaning, especially when they were both deployed and there was a risk Steve might not come back from one of his missions. so they cherished every moment, so even the “boring” weekends in the hotel room felt special. Cath’s cooking was definitely something Steve liked, stuffing himself with every tiny bit of homemade food, of which he was deprived for long months. And her smile as she watched him devour it, made him smile back at her. Catherine definitely cooked with love, trying so hard to make it delicious, so that made it all even more special. 

The first time she cooked for him was probably when they met after Steve’s first black op and she could only imagine how hard it was, seeing his darkened eyes, feeling the tension in his body and how he clinged to her in sleep. So for those few days trying to make him feel safe and “at home” was her main goal. She probably cooked for him something that wasn’t too fancy, something simple, but reminding herself of home, of childhood and the smile on Steve’s face made it clear it worked for him too.