Hidden Cameras and Sex

It was a long day of hard work and suffering for Chaz. The whole Windsor was out of control and he was really, really tired from all the schoolwork and madness. He didn’t even think of visiting his boyfriend Han because the stairs were far too tiring to climb. He dropped into his bed. 

"Chaz." A scratchy voice from a hidden radio sounded. "You alright, babe?" 

"Stressed."  Chaz answered.

"…I can make you feel better." Han said, almost suggestively, almost timidly. Chaz caught the tone, perking up just a little bit. They’ve never had much action in a week, this could get exciting. 

"You’re coming down?" He grinned, rolling over to face the ceiling. 

"No, I’ve got to keep an eye out for these downloads or everything will go boom." He chuckled. "But… I’ve got an idea." 

"I’m listening." Chaz smirked, closing his eyes. 

"Say…" Han cleared his throat, leaning back into his chair, watching Chaz lying down innocently on the bed. "Say I was there… I would give you a massage." 

"Mmm, a massage sounds nice."

"I’d be straddling you, you lying on your stomach. My hands going up and down your bare back, applying the necessary pleasure – pressure, I mean, necessarypressure that will de-stress your nerve bundles.” Han smiled when he saw Chaz slowly running his fingers across his body and stretching. “Then I’d kiss your back because… because of many reasons.” 

"Name it, Han." Chaz asked. 

"Your back is muscular… I love its feel… Your skin is always somehow soft…And you’ve got that musky smell…"

"Then I turn around and I lean up to kiss you gently, running my fingers through your hair. Your soft, soft, hair." Chaz started to unbutton his shirt. "Then I start kissing you deeply, nipping at your lower lip. Then you open your mouth that tiniest bit and I slip my tongue into your mouth." 

"Then I make that squeak –”

"I love that squeak."

"And I lean you back into your bed again, taking off every single button as we kiss." 

"I like that…" 

"You’re so full of stress mister Amos… Your muscles are all just taunt with stress." 

"I guess so, mister Westwood. Care to help me unwind?" Chaz chuckled as he shrugged off the shirt, revealing the exquisite muscles underneath. Han gulped and licked his lips, his eyes gazing appreciatively over the prefect’s body. "Oh Haaaaaaaaaaaan." 

Han laughed lightly and leaned forward, resting his elbows onto his knees. “I’m kissing down your neck, down to that place where you laugh because I kissed it. Then I grab your hips into my hands because you know I love your hips. Then I’m rubbing your sides ever-so slowly as I make my way down to your pants.” 

"Keep talking." Han could barely hear Chaz say it. 

"I’d rub that bulge you have there, gently at first, as I kiss your abs." God I love his abs. Han licked his lips again and continued speaking. “Then I’m going to unzip you.” At the same time, Chaz had one hand playing with his nipple and the other was sliding the zipper down with a very satisfying, very audible “zip”. 

“And then what, Han? Don’t leave a guy hanging.” Chaz smirked as he pushed his hand inside his pants, slowly rubbing himself, thinking of the boy up the stairs.

“Then I’m going to start stroking you as soon as I get my hand into your boxers.”

“Then I’d moan, grabbing your hair, waiting for you to come suck me off.”

Some sweat started to bead on Han’s head at the mere thought, even though his room was practically smoking with cold. “Then I pull your dick out and I run my tongue down its underside. Then I swirl my tongue around its head.”

“That sounds heavenly.” Chaz moaned, taking the member out and started stroking it leisurely. Han gulped again, watching in fascination as his boyfriend stroked himself.

“Then,” he continued, “I start sucking slowly, starting with the top.”

“Mmm, always the teaser in bed, Han.”

Han chuckled but chose not to reply to the comment. “Then I take in more of you gradually. I just go lower and lower and lower until I’m deep throating you.”

“Ooooh.” Chaz moaned.

“Then I start again, front the top.”

“I love it when you start again front the top.”

“I lick the head a few times, like it was my lollipop. Then I swirl my tongue around it again before sucking. I run my hands up and down your thighs, squeezing slightly at your inner thigh.” Han’s own erection was getting uncomfortable already. He started kneading it. “Then I just deep throat you again until you call out my –”

“Han.” Chaz groaned, arching from his bed, the movement was turning Han on. “Han, I need you here. I need you around me. As your prefect, I command you to come here.”

“As a Windsor, I reject your command.” Han retorted.

Han. Please.” Chaz said, stroking himself languidly. “I’ll even rim you the way you like, even though I don’t find it that pleasant. Just come… here.” He groaned again, thinking of the times that he and Han went all the way. “…Han?” There was no reply anymore and he was anxious as to what the Caterpillar decided to do. “Hello? Han?”

The door suddenly burst open and then closed. A lock clicked and Han immediately jumped on the bed, totally winded, totally scared half of Windsor, seeing him out of his room. He started kissing Chaz’s damp neck and wrapped his hand around the prefect’s hand that was already grasping the aching member. Chaz grinned broadly as he pulled the computer geek up to his face for him to kiss fiercely. “Knew you couldn’t resist… Now where were we?”

“Me sucking your delicious cock.” Han answered and went down on Chaz.

Dinner By Computer Light- Caterqueen

Charlie looked at the mirror one last time, fixing his hair quickly before walking out of his room. He walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor and came to a stop when he reached the end of the hallway. Before he could even knock on the door, it hissed open and fog poured out. 

"Hello?" He called into the dark room, and Han stood up from his chair that was situated in front of all his computer monitors.

"Hey, Chaz." He said, and Charlie smiled at him, walking closer. Han was moving around, getting a small table from beside his desk and placing it in front of his chair. Then he grabbed another chair and rolled it to the other side of the table. He gestured for the other boy to sit and Charlie did. 

Han quickly grabbed the basket of food he managed to fix without burning down Windsor (two sandwiches, a few cookies, and some chips). Charlie laughed at the food and sat down to eat, the glow of the computers lighting up Han’s smiling face as they talked. 

"Fucking Hansel Westwood" – CaterQueen

“You called me, Han?” Charlie said in an amused tone as he entered the boy’s room. Han immediately stiffened in his chair and gripped the armrests. “What’s up?” The prefect added when the other didn’t answer right away. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Why am I doing this? Why did I call him? Damn me and my impulsive decision. Can I make him go back? Can I make up a lie? That’s right! Lie! “Han?”

Lie, damn it! “Uhh… Charlie.” Han gulped. He couldn’t think of a single excuse, lie, or cover-up to what he has done and what he was about to do. It wasn’t something that usually happens to Han. His brain was usually as fast working as his servers. The fact that he was actually lagging right now… Syntax error, oh my god.

“Han?” Charlie was getting slightly worried about what Han called him up to his room. He was getting worried how the chair was shaking ever-so slightly. “Are you okay?”

“I’m f-fine.” Han finally turned his chair around to face his prefect. He even tried to smile but since he hasn’t been around people for a while, the attempt of a smile turned up into a twitchy snarl. He knew what was happening to his face so he just stopped seconds after he started. Charlie found it a little funny and that the clothes (a Dalton Kings shirt and pyjamas) were adorable on Han. The prefect’s smile made the other boy whimper internally because it was so cute. He took a deep breath to stead himself then looked up at Charlie with a serious but nervous look. “Let’s just get this over with.” He breathed. “You owe me for saving Windsor house from multiple calamities and multiple deaths.”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded. “And in my defense, they were just possible multiple deaths.”

“Right…” Han was a little distracted by the thoughts organizing the possible places the conversation might go so he would know how to escape.

“What do you need?” The perfected stared at the smaller boy sitting in his big chair.

“Charlie, I’m gay.”

Charlie’s eyebrows went up. That wasn’t really what he was expecting. Though the thought of Han telling him made him wonder if Han knew about his little tendencies. Tendencies that he didn’t want to admit to anyone quite yet. “Oh… Well… Okay. Was that the favour you want? You know this house is accepting and Blaine –”

“And I like you.”

Charlie’s face grew as red as Han’s.  “That’s –”

“And I want you to take my virginity.” Charlie practically choked on his own breath and saliva. “Now.” I shouldn’t have said that. Han thought. He’s going to turn me down and I’m going to have to seclude myself even more.

“You –”

“I know you’re straight and all but I want it to be you.” Han gulped, his mouth was getting dry. “It can be all casual. Lord knows I’m not going to get any at all in this miserable life of mine. I’ll be in my room and you’re gonna be out there. We’ll barely see each other so it won’t be awkward. I won’t tell anyone. Plus, you owe me so there.”  Way to go, Han. That was positively sexy.  Charlie stared at Han with huge, surprised eyes. This was impossible. It was awkward. It was downright manipulation. It was, above all, surprisingly sexy. “If you’re going to say no, I think you should do it as fast as you can so you could save both of us from this awkward silence.” Han sighed deeply. His body stung a little bit of embarrassment and rejection. He hoped Charlie would reject him faster.  I knew I should’ve went with the Tweedles.


“Okay?” He couldn’t believe his ears.

“I’ll do it.” Charlie couldn’t believe he was actually doing this. He was kind of relieved that Han did this. He’s never had sex with a guy before even though he’s been itching to do so (he was just about to ask Justin) but since Han was giving his virginity up for grabs, it’d be a shame if he didn’t take it.


Charlie was getting a bit annoyed but he guessed that if he was the one in Han’s place, he would’ve been shocked to incoherency as well. “I’ll take your virginity.”

“And you’re not… being weird about it.” It was all too much to sink in for Han.

Charlie shrugged even though he was completely nervous. He was trying to be nonchalant. “Everyone experiments in high school.”

“I thought that was college.” Han was still letting it sink in.

“What’s a few months early?” Charlie smirked and took Han’s pale, shaky hands and hoisted him up from the chair. “Besides… I’m not as entirely straight as you think I am.” Han attempted to speak up but he couldn’t think of any words that could appropriately reply to that. “I assume you’ve prepared for this.” Han’s eyes glanced over to his futon and Charlie followed his gaze to see a bottle of lube and a packet of condoms at the top of the bed. He smiled slightly and let go of one of Han’s hands. “Shall we?”

“You’re really doing this.” Han said, it just sunk in.

“Yes, Han.” Charlie said softly. “Now, lie down.” Han did as he was told and was trying to calm himself. The larger boy situated himself over the smaller, blue eyes staring down at the brown ones. He was trying to be careful. Everyone’s first time should be special and not lust crazed. It should be soft and not too rough. Charlie intended to give Han just that. “Calm down.” He said, running a finger against Han’s clammy cheek. Han shivered with excitement. He could feel the trail of fire Charlie left on his skin. He was breaking down.

“I’m trying.” Han whispered.

Charlie pressed his lips against Han’s quickly. “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” Han wasn’t expecting that – actually, everything about this was unexpected. He wasn’t expecting Charlie to be a gentleman about it and he just couldn’t help but be more attracted to the prefect than he already was. They kissed again with more intensity than earlier. Han’s arms wrapped themselves around Charlie’s shoulders while Charlie’s ended up on Han’s hips. As the kiss continued to accelerate itself into higher levels of heat, the prefect’s one hand crept to the other boy’s knee and pulled it up to his hip. Han instinctively wrapped it around Charlie.

Charlie took this opportunity to grind his hips against Han’s, eliciting a groan from the boy, releasing the kiss. Charlie’s lips didn’t stop working, working on Han’s jaw, Han’s neck, Han’s collarbone, Han’s sensitive skin behind his ear. He enjoyed every small moan he got out of it.

He stopped to take off his shirt and so did Han, afterwards they went back to kissing. Han shivered at the contact of Charlie’s rock hard body against his softer, slightly chubbier one. God, I hope he isn’t disgusted. But Charlie was far from it. Han felt amazing under him.

Han’s hands trailed up Charlie’s exquisite back as they kissed and then stopped at his neck for a while before wandering down the well-defined chest. His fingers caught on Charlie’s nipples for a few seconds, the prefect moaned against their lips at the contact. Han smirked and played and pinched and pushed at them for a bit before his hands went down to the abs. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” Charlie murmured as they kissed.

“No. I just know what feels good,” came Han’s reply as he started unbuttoning Charlie’s pants. Once the button came loose and the zip unzipped, Han’s hands strode up against Charlie’s hips, making the prefect grind again. Their erections were obvious.

Charlie’s hands went to Han’s hips and he pulled away from the kiss to go back to kissing Han’s neck. Han’s breathing was jagged as it was without Charlie stimulating other erogenous zones. He could barely breathe when Charlie went down, nipping at his shoulder and rubbing his thighs. He could barely think when Charlie went lower to his nipple where his tongue swirled around it wetly. “Oh Charles.” Han said. Then he bit his lips together, embarrassed at the little outburst.

“No… Don’t stop making those sounds.” Charlie protested against Han’s skin as he went lower, lowering the pyjamas as well, revealing that Han didn’t put on underwear.

“I was making sounds?” Han asked shakily.

Charlie didn’t speak again until he got Han naked. “Yeah, and they’re nice. Don’t withhold them.” Han nodded stiffly. “Hand me the lube.” Han reached up and gave Charlie the bottle. He squirted it out onto his fingers and he spread Han’s legs apart a little. He leaned down again and Han could feel his cold fingers against his ass cheeks, creeping towards his entrance. Charlie was kissing Han’s jaw again and trailed those kisses up to his ear. “This is going to sting a little bit.” Then, there it was. Han gasped, arching from the futon and clinched. “Relax.” Charlie said in a whisper and began pushing into Han again. Once the whole finger was in there, he started rhythmically moving it, opening the tight hole. Charlie peppered Han with kisses on the jaw as well as biting and sucking on the neck. Han finally relaxed more with Charlie’s finger in him, to which Charlie reacted to putting another finger in.

Han reached down and grabbed Charlie’s aching bulge and fondled him through the fabric. Charlie used his free hand to push down his underwear and pants to free his erection and Han took hold of it, making Charlie shiver at the contact. Han started pumping, earning a small moan against his skin. Charlie replied with rubbing Han’s prostate. “What was that?!” Han cried.

“That,” Charlie looked up at him and did it again, watching the boy unfolding in front of him, “was just a sample of what’s going to happen later.”

Once he was loose as loose can be, Charlie pulled out his fingers and reached over for the condom. He ripped the wrapper open and worked fast to put it on himself. He poured the cold lube over him and pressed against Han’s entrance. “Are you ready?” He asked.

“Uh huh.” Charlie leaned down and kissed Han quickly. “Are you?”

He didn’t reply with words but with an action that sent Han’s body on fire. Good fire. Fire that burned deep down his stomach and electrified his nerves. Charlie kissed Han’s upturned neck, nipping here and there as he pushed himself in. Han moaned loud and unhindered. He buried himself up to the hilt and stayed in there for a while. Han panted, toes curling, fingers embedded into Charlie’s back. “Oh, god.” He sucked in a breath and Charlie pushed himself over Han, relieving a bit of pressure on the smaller boy’s body.

“Move.” Han commanded and Charlie did as he was told. Thrust one. “Oh.” Thrust two. “Mmm.” Thrust three. “Fuck.” He was gentle, like he promised. There wasn’t much of a rush with the thrusts. They were perfectly timed and Charlie was a good lover. He continued kissing Han as he penetrated him slowly. Han’s breath was hitched and he couldn’t really form a coherent thought. Charlie was enjoying the tight feel around him. It was definitely different from having sex with a girl. Han moaned for the both of them since Charlie was quiet aside from the occasional grunt.

“How is your first time going so far?” Charlie said, a few minutes into it. He made another thrust and bit his lips together before he allowed himself a moan.

“Good.” Han said in a shaky, breathless voice. At the same time, he dragged his fingers down Charlie’s back while Charlie made another deep thrust. “Very good.” Charlie smiled and kissed the boy again, this time with his hand tight around the other’s dick, pumping in sync.

They didn’t talk again until they both came, covered in sweat, and completely satisfied. Han was sore, incredibly so. He didn’t know if he could stand up or not but he didn’t regret anything. Charlie rolled off of him and then started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Han managed to say, reaching for his pyjamas to wipe the cum off his stomach.

“I don’t know. I’m just so happy.” Charlie grinned.

“I guess that’s a good thing.” Han returned the smile. “…So I guess you’ll be going now?” He asked, feeling a bit sad at the thought of Charlie leaving already.

Charlie turned his body to face Han and cupped his cheek. “Unless you want me to stay.”

Butterflies fluttered in Han’s stomach as he stared into those blue eyes he’s admired from the distance now so close to his face. “…Stay.” He whispered. Charlie scooted closer and Han gave him the soiled pyjamas to wipe himself off.  “Are you cold?”

“A bit.” Han pulled a blanket from the side and covered them with it.

“Sorry about the room… Servers and all.”

“It’s alright.” Charlie laughed lightly then propped his head on his hand, looking at Han. “Hey… Do you want to make this a… I don’t know… a thing?”

Han looked up at his prefect with wide eyes. Charlie was asking him out? First the sex, now a thing?! This does not compute! “Uh… Sure? But can we not stay outdoors too much?”

Charlie laughed. “Sure. I’d love to have computer lit dinners.” 

You know how I'm reading Dalton again...?

Well I came across THIS piece of gold.

"Hey, I don’t look into other dudes rooms," Han replied, hands up to him, blinking a little anxiously. "They leave me alone, I leave them alone. Unless I hear bloodcurdling screaming which means someone’s being murdered, I won’t look. And trust me, I’ve saved the House a couple of times from some serious fire damage. Chaz owes me big time.”

Now. Being the CaterQueen Turtle captain I would like to point out that last sentence: “Chaz owes me big time.”

Let me type that down again with varying emphases.

Chaz owes me big time.

Chaz owes me big time.

Chaz owes me big time.

Chaz owes me big time.

Chaz owes me BIG TIME.

You see how this one line just opened up a few smut prompts in my head:

  • "Charlie, I want you to take my virginity."
  • "Charlie, you owe me. I want to use  handcuffs… And whips." 
  • "Charlie… Charlie please don’t tell anyone."
  • "Charlie, let me install this high definition camera in my room."
  • "About that ‘owing’ you business…" "Nah, it’s gone because I love you and all that human emotion." 

I am very particular with that first one, after all, Charlie is “straight” (Han-sexual for the Turtle). 

I will be writing that tomorrow if I could handle it. Because as a CaterQueen headcanon: Chaz is a FIREBALL in bed. 

Oh yeah Chaz. 

I might use this as an example for Smut 102 lessons.

When Everything Hurts

Charlie was outside the door of Han’s room, unable to figure out what his next move was. He knew Han could see him but the person he wanted to talk to the most didn’t do anything to talk to him. His heart was racing, dropping up and down his body, making it impossible to think. 

Finally, he knocked.

Who are you?

"Han. It’s me, Chaz… The Queen of Hearts." He didn’t like the LED screen. He didn’t like that he couldn’t hear Han’s voice. He just wanted to her Han’s voice.

Go away

But obviously he didn’t want to hear that being said. ”Han, I didn’t mean it.”

Go away, Queen Heartbreaker.

"Han, please. I’m sorry." Charlie begged. He didn’t like where this was going. He didn’t really mean those words he said. He might have meant it a little bit but it wasn’t meant to hurt Han. He never intentionally meant to hurt Han because he doesn’t want to hurt Han. He loved Han.

Sorry doesn’t make it better. It doesn’t cut it, Charlie.

But Han didn’t seem to be letting go of that fact. Charlie leaned his head against the door. “Just let me in… I want to talk to you.”

Too bad, I don’t want to talk to YOU. Go away.

"Please, Han. Come on. You know I love you. Let’s talk." 

How am I supposed to trust you again? When you went behind my back and said those words.

"I didn’t really mean them!"

Yeah, it sounded like you did. This is how I live, Charlie. If you can’t REALLY respect that then I don’t know how this is going to work out.

"But Han! I’m sorry! I truly am! I’ll-I’ll even beg. Grovel! I’m sorry."

Just go away, Charlie. Go. Away. 

"Han." Charlie whined and the screen just went black again. He stared at it, willing it to speak again. "Han… Han!" But it didn’t. It didn’t even blink. There was not a flash, not a squiggle. There was nothing on the screen. "Don’t do this, Han." He said, slamming his forehead into the door. "Please." 

Charlie stayed there for the next hour in silence, hoping that him being there would make Han open the door. But he didn’t. Han already turned the cameras elsewhere and anything unmoving and pointing to Charlie was turned off. He didn’t want to see him anymore. He didn’t want to feel anything.

It was a bad idea from the start. And just when he started to really go out of his room just for the sake of spending time with Charlie, he goes out and talks how strange Han is, how stupid Han is, how dumb his merch is. He was much safer here in his room, with his computers. 

Who needs him? He thought bitterly. Who needs the outside world? I’ve got all I need right here. 

He leaned back into his chair, playing one of the movies he’s downloaded and wiped away any insignificant tear, ignored any pang of sadness, loneliness, hurt or forgiveness. The only time, the only time he considered liking being outside, it was dashed by everything Charlie had said. 


He gulped and put his legs up from the floor and wrapped his arms around himself as the movie played. Who needs him? I certainly didn’t long before. I’m going to do that again. 

Hey Han

I have no idea what was going through my head when this came along.

"Hey, Han."

"Yes, Prefect?" 

"Will you go out with me?" Han coughed, almost spitting his coffee into his computers. "Han! Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I’ll live." 

"So what do you say?"

"Do I really have to go outside?"

"We could have romantic computer lit dinners." 

"It’s a date then." 


Han sat on Chaz’s lap as he pointed out the inner workings of his room. “That one, that’s the Stuart view. And if you click the up button while holding down S, we go to another camera.” 

"Wow… How’d you do that?" 

"The twins’ help."

"If I press W will it show Windsor?" 

"Well actually it -"



"Is that a view of my room?"

’”…I’d like to say no…”

Chaz wouldn’t say it then but he was happy that Han had a special key for his room.


“H-How do you know how to do that?” Chaz moaned.

“I read and write fanfiction, you know.”


“Thought you wouldn’t come.”

“And miss your online game? What kind of boyfriend did you think I am?”

“…A normal one?”

“This is Windsor anyway.”

“What have the Tweedles FED you?” 


“Hey Chaz.” 

“God Han, you scared me.”

“Sorry.” The intercom said, wherever it may be, in Chaz’s room. “I just…”

“What is it, Han?”


“Tell me.”

“Mom called. Dad’s in the hospital… Could you… Could you come up here, please?” 

“Sure thing.” 



"What?" He whined.

"Finish your paper."


"Charles Roger Amos."

"God, Hansel, stop being such a mom."

"I wouldn’t have to if I didn’t want you to graduate, Honey.” 


The two of them were lying on Han’s little bed, after much coaxing from Chaz. They were spooning and Chaz was clutching Han’s fingers.



"I love you, Han."

"…I love you too…"

gaylord-sassypants69 asked:

Charlie stares at Han with the best poker face he con pull off "Han. Take this medicine" Han shakes his head "No" He says in a raspy voice. Charlie sighs "Okay, what will I have to do to get you to take this medicine?" Han tilts his head, thinking for a moment "Cuddle for a few days and leave the rest of the Windsors to Blaine" Han smiles. Charlie laughs "Okay. Deal" He says leaning down and kissing Han's forehead before giving the hacker the pill and laying down next to him.



irrellenphant asked:

Charlie, his Charlie, was dreaming about him. Loving him. Han barely knew what to think. That was the first time he had heard Charlie say anything about love. At least he wasn't the only one feeling that way. Charlie loved him. Han knew he could sleep easy with the knowledge. He knew that he couldn't tell Charlie that he said that in his sleep though, he deserved to be able to say it for the first time in a lucid state. Han knew that the time for "I love you's" would come. For now though, sleep.



Han loved watching Chaz. He would say that he was watching TV shows or playing games, or watching movies, or downloading songs, but he wasn’t. Half of the time he was staring into the prefect’s room, watching the prefect sleep, watching him toss and turn, he especially enjoyed watching the older boy wake up in the morning. Oh but he’ll never tell, he’ll never tell anyone about his admiration for a certain Charles Amos. No one knew, except for maybe the Tweedles who probably saw the constant feed of Charlie’s room when he wasn’t being careful enough (it may have happened at least a few times) but thankfully neither of them spoke up about it if they suspected something. He just watched from afar and that was fine with him, after all, human contact wasn’t really his forte.

Was it healthy? No it was not. But was barely ever sleeping while staying on the internet healthy? No it is not either, so for Han it was just another day at the office.

His crush progressed, he hoped it would disappear after a month but it didn’t, it continued beyond that. It was like he knew Charlie. He knew how he wakes up (yawn, stretch, yawn again, smack lips together three times, oh that fourth one is new, then sit up, scoot over to the side of the bed, little jump), how he studies (you don’t get it, I can tell. Oh you got it! Good for you), how he likes his coffee (two spoonfuls of sugar, some milk – ooh that’s too much huh – oh well you’d drink it anyway), and how he puts on his clothes (that body… oh my god… Aw! Don’t cover it up with that shirt now! And then with the pants! God!)

Han knew almost everything there was to know about Charlie and everything was fine.

That is until it started to become painful.

Though Dwight would say that Han is an Alien, he had feelings too. And feelings get hurt sometimes. Feelings cause you to be lonely. Feelings just suck and should come with an on-off switch. Feelings made Han turn the Charlie monitor off. Feelings made Han turn the Charlie monitor on again. Feelings were far too much for Han to handle so he cut off all connections to Charlie’s room (he cried but he knew that it was all he could do).

Charlie wouldn’t go for him, nobody would. Charlie was straight as far as he knew, though he hasn’t really seen the boy in love yet but he had a strong feeling that Charlie was straight. And that hurt, that hurt him very much.

So he shouldn’t torture himself with images and videos and live feed of Charlie anymore. What’s the use of looking when you can’t even touch? What was the point hurting over someone that obviously doesn’t even care? It was pointless. It was a pointless crush and a pointless waste of time and a pointless waste of energy.

Oh but he couldn’t resist sneaking a peek or two when Charlie was around the others. He would come in unannounced and Han would just watch him for a second or two before shaking his head and turning to the other monitors. He kept reminding himself that it would be unproductive to stare and stare and stare, he had other things, more important things, to do.

That is, until prom.

“Come in Caterpillar.”

“What do you want Tweedles?” Han groaned from his bed, he wasn’t in the mood to watch the others get ready for their dates and though he could smother himself with TV shows or music, he just needed to be by himself, wallowing in his loneliness.

“Caterpillar, do you read?”

Han grabbed the radio and brought it to his face. “What?” He said sharply.

“I think you need to check your monitors.”

“For what, Tweedle?”

“Just look.” The excitement in the Tweedle’s voice piqued his interest so he got up and walked towards his monitors. He looked around the screens and found nothing other than the usual downloads and feeds from the house. He was about to radio the Tweedles again until his gaze came upon one of the monitors, top left corner.

There were flowers up against the camera, beautiful red roses that didn’t really appeal to him but it’s the person who’s holding them he was curious about. There was some jostling in the background someone was telling the other to “go ahead”. Han’s heartbeat sped as the flower reluctantly went down to reveal Charlie’s face. “Hi Han…”

“Charlie? What?” He blushed and was very happy that Charlie couldn’t see him.

“I-I don’t know if you liked roses…And the twins told me just today and… God, Han, go to prom with me?” There were two familiar cheers in the background and Han swayed from where he stood. Charlie was asking him to prom. Charlie was waiting for a reply. Charlie… Charlie like Han enough to ask him to prom. “It would be really nice if you said yes.” Charlie said when Han didn’t speak up after thirty seconds.

Han’s mind was reeling. This was happening, this was really, true to life happening. After months and months of feeling sorry for himself, of feeling horrible, of feeling hopeless, he was given this piece of gold. As soon as it registered that it wasn’t a dream, he started to smile like he hasn’t smiled in the last couple of months.

“Tweedles!” Charlie said angrily. “You two –”



“Yes, I’ll go to prom with you.” Luckily, he had a suit in the back of his closet.

“You will?”

“Yes, I will.”

“I’ll go to your room then, at seven?”

“Sure…And Charlie.”


“Don’t bring the flowers; I don’t know where to put them here.” Charlie awkwardly tossed the flowers to the side and grinned at the camera.

“I’ll see you later.”

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Charlie pulls Han closer, as they cuddle in the warm bed. Han chuckles, nuzzling his head into Charlie's neck, smiling softly as the Windsor Prefect runs a soothing hand through Han's hair. They're so comfortable, not a care in the world as of right now. They just want to relax in each others arms. Charlie places a gentle kiss to Han's temple, watching as the other boy slowly falls to sleep, a soft smile on his lips. Han smiles up at Charlie before falling asleep.

I love fluffy bed scenes so much. It makes me do this.


I'll Watch the Night Turn Light Blue

"Isn’t this nice?" Charlie asked Han. "Lying down on the grass, watching the sky turn light blue, seeing the stars fade away, being with nature…"

"Yeah, I guess it is." Han answered, lifting his iPad to his face, checking on everything before setting it down. Charlie was propped up by an elbow, smiling down on his boyfriend. "What?"

"Have you ever gone a day without the internet?"

"I must’ve, you know, when I was younger." Han smiled. 

"What do you really think of being here outside?” Charlie asked again. 

Han looked up to the sky, to the fading stars, to the rising sun. “It’s beautiful, a beautiful experience.” He reached down to touch Charlie’s hand and squeezed it lightly. “And… you’re here so it’s better.”

"For a geek, you’re a sap, Hansel Westwood." The prefect laughed and flipped himself over to be on all fours on top of the smaller boy. Han stared directly into the cornflower blue eyes, shining because of the rising sun. Han’s smile grew wider as he raised his hands up to hold Charlie’s face. Charlie loved the feeling of those hands making imaginary squiggles on his cheeks. They just stayed there, admiring each other for a few minutes while the sun came up. 

Charlie ran his fingers through Han’s unruly hair and leaned down to kiss the boy. They kissed for a few moments, in those moments arms were moved, hands were touched, hands were touching, a giggle or two escaped Han’s lips, and Charlie poked Han’s stomach. That broke the kiss. “Someone needs to lose weight.” Charlie teased, making Han roll his eyes. 

"There’s nothing you can do, Amos. This is how I live, you can’t pull me away from the internet so I could do sit-ups with you." 

"I was talking about another kind of work out." Charlie kissed him again, trying to mildly seduce. 

Han smirked. “Maybe… But not today, Mr. Prefect. You need your sleep.”

"No I do not." He yawned.

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Han walks into Charlie's room around eleven PM and goes under the covers, moving so that he's clinging to Charlie. Charlie mumbles something and rolls over, opening his eyes, and smiling at the sight of Han. "mmmm hi" Charlie says in a sleepy tone. Han chuckles and nuzzles his nose against Charlies, smiling sleepily himself. Charlie smiles and wraps his arms around the other Windsor, pulling him closer to him. Han pecks his lips and drifts to sleep, Charlie soon falling asleep as well.


As captain, I am truly going down with this ship.

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Charlie grinned as Han's nose wrinkled ever so slightly as he slept. Looking back he never thought in a million years he would be here, lying with this beautiful boy in his arms watching him sleep, completely at peace, his head reasting on Charlie's chest, rising and falling with the prefect's even breathing. With a small smile Chaz kissed the top of the boy's head and tugged him closer with a quiet "I love you Han, so much." before drifting off to sleep, more content than he had been in years.

I love you.


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Han turned over in bed facing Charlie, who slept without a worry on his face. He mouthed "I love you" at the boy, practicing for the day that he'd say it to his face. For now, Charlie was his sleeping angel. He brushed some hair out of his face and snuggled closer to his boyfriend, tangling legs and placing his arm across him protectively. Charlie sighed and instinctively pulled Han closer into the embrace, smiling in his sleep. "I love you Han" he whispered; Han could hardly believe his ears.






CaterQueen! For confringo I guess. He is captain of the Caterqueen turtle after all. Sorry for this fic’s horribleness. It was written pretty quick.

Han gave one last good look at his computer screens, checking for any last minute things he needed to do before bed. He was about to turn away, when a screen caught his eye. A brunet boy was walking down one of the halls of Dalton, his footsteps louder than they should have been, his movements sluggish.

Han watched carefully as the Windsor prefect entered his bedroom with his head hung. His body was shaking slightly as he closed the door. Han quickly changed to the camera in Charlie’s room, and watched, trying to figure out what was wrong. Charlie picked up a book, only to throw it at the wall, a quiet yell escaping his lips.

Han was confused. Why was Charlie throwing things, so late at night? He blanched when Chaz collapsed onto his bed, clutching his pillow and shaking. That’s when it clicked. Charlie was curled in on himself, sobbing into his pillow, clutching at it desperately. It was becoming ridiculous, and Han was out of his seat in an instant.

He flew down the hall, nearly crashing into one of the dorm doors, and down the stairs, until he stood outside the prefect’s room. He could hear the strangled sobs through the door, and he slowly worked up the courage to knock.

There was a cough on the other side, as Charlie attempted to compose himself. He called out, his voice hoarse,

“Who is it? Why are you out of bed?”

Han rolled his eyes. “It’s me. Please let me in.”

“No. Go back to your room Han.”

“I saw you crying.” Han said softly. “I came to ask what was wrong, and if there was anything I could do.”

Charlie was silent. Han waited patiently, until the door opened enough to let him squeeze in, and he heard the click behind him as it was closed. He turned to face Charlie, and felt his heart break at his face.

Charlie was trying desperately not to let any more tears fall, his eyes already red and bloodshot. His lip was trembling and his face was blotchy. Han stepped forward, and Charlie backed away, wincing.

“Why are you crying?” Han asked carefully.

Charlie closed his eyes tightly, turning away as more tears escaped his eyes. “It’s n-nothing. Please, just l-leave.”

Han shook his head. “Not until you tell me what’s wrong.”

Charlie stifled a sob, before looking at Han with a heartbroken expression. “J-Justin broke up with me. Said that he d-didn’t want to see me anymore and th-that I wasn’t good en-” He broke down and fell to his knees, sobbing loudly.

Han bent down next to him, and rubbed his back lightly, trying to give his prefect some comfort. “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry he did this, and that you feel like this… But don’t let what he said get you down, Chaz…” He took a deep breath, watching Charlie carefully before continuing. “I think you’re good enough. More than that… I know now may not be the time to tell you, but if I don’t say it now, I don’t think I ever will… I love you.”

Charlie looked up at Han with wide, wet eyes. “Wh-what?”

Han looked away, embarrassed. “Sorry… You just got out of a relationship; I shouldn’t be saying these things…”

Charlie’s bottom lip trembled and he buried his face in Han’s chest, while the younger boy froze in shock. “I’m sorry H-Han, I just c-can’t right now.”

Han nodded. “Obviously, and understandable.” He rubbed Charlie’s back soothingly.

Charlie sat in Han’s arms, crying, for a good while, listening to the comforting words Han gave him, and trying to calm himself. Finally, his tears ran dry and he just laid there, eyes stinging and drooping shut.

“Tired?” Han asked gently.

Charlie nodded. He was utterly drained. Han led him to the bed and helped him down carefully. “Thanks, Han…” Charlie whispered, giving him a watery smile.

Han smiled quickly back, before turning to leave. Charlie hesitated for a moment, before calling out,


Han whirled around, staring at Charlie with wide eyes. “What?”

Charlie lowered his gaze. “I-I don’t want to be alone… Stay with me, please…” He murmured, eyes desperate.

Han nodded, walking back over to Charlie and seating himself on the bed. Charlie scooted over slightly, before hesitantly burying his face into Han’s chest.

The younger boy, held his prefect in his arms, sighing softly. When Charlie was ready, Han would be his, proudly so.