Stag Night (2008)

Four men out on a stag night in New York prematurely exit an underground train after the soon-to-be-best-man begins to hassle two women. Trapped at a deserted station these six adults become the target of a gruesome manhunt when a secret gang of cannibal dwellers, living in the tunnels discovers them. Tensions will rise as they fight to make it through the night with all their limbs attached.

Stag Night is enjoyable, but not great. The story line contains nothing special however it has everything a horror fan might crave: blood, guts, gore, strippers and some genuinely freaky moments. The acting isn’t bad, especially for a low budget movie. I quite enjoyed the ending because it was slightly vague.

Watch trailer here.
Director: Peter A. Dowling 
Stars: Kip Pardue, Vinessa Shaw, Breckin Meyer