NEW “Scooby-Doo Lost Mysteries” For the Collection (now funding on Indiegogo)!

"The Copper Heart Stopper"- Mystery Inc runs into a Maniacal Police Officer that haunts the streets of New York City. 

"Scooby and the Sorority Row Pyscho"- A deranged clown haunts the graduating sisters of a sorority house and it’s up to Mystery Inc to help unmask the creep.

"Don’t Mine With This Valentine"- The gang investigates the legend of a maniacal miner in the town of Valentine Bluffs, during their annual Valentine’s Day celebration.

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Halloween Month - Day 12: Scream

A very popular, but still underrated in the horror genre. Its genuinely scary thanks to the direction and score. The satirical elements are absolutely genius and I think people forget that it intends to use all the stereotypes and different tropes from different slasher films. Wes Craven is magnificent in mixing it all up into an iconic horror film.

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:: the bitch is back :: #Fridaythe13th #horror #movies #Jason #JasonVoorhees #flick #slasher #PamelaVoorhees — one of my favorite horror movies 🔪 SSSSOOOOOOO many people actually believe Jason was the killer in this movie, well it was his mom who started it all.