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a study on monsters. 

soft hands, beating heart.
electric shocks and stitches. 
burned in a windmill.
“monster, monster, monster.”

drifted the lake for long hours.
peaceful eyes and peaceful heart,
watched peaceful waters.
“monster, monster, monster.”

the ghost in your walls,
stepping on your shadow.
the collar will break if it’s pulled too much. 
“monster, monster, monster.”

—  maybe i’m a monster but at least i’m not yours // q.a

Even goblins dabble in the finer arts. Paints made of muds, slimes, and other secretions (of the finest quality) go into the creation of fine cultural works that will out-live us all. Goblin No. 124. Pen and ink on Bristol-Board.

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An alien who comes to earth with the assumption that humans are like pets so they walk around squealing at all the cute humans and walks up to one holding a cookie up to their face.

“Whooo wants a cookie! Does the cute little human want a human treat!”

“Uh, I just ate sorry…”

“-gasp- you can talk! Oh you’re so cute I love you adorable humans!”

“I have to go I kinda have a job over there.”

In the eighth circle of hell in “Dante’s Inferno,” thieves are punished by a gruesome transformation. They’re pursued by a pit full of monsters. When bitten, the thief and the monster melt into each other like hot wax. They separate eventually, but the monster is now human, and the thief has become a monster. Dante wrote that in all of human history, nobody had ever imagined a more brutal metamorphosis.

Well guys, we did it! We found something worse. Meet “MyIdol.”