“This hulking draconic creature dwells in dungeons. It stalks it’s prey, which includes monstrous humanoids and other monsters of the same type. It attacks with spines and a hypnotic song. It is difficult to harm without heat. According to myth, they are as smart as humans, and possibly smarter”

I did the monster drawing exercise, the palette I got was Space Cat!

This was pretty fun to do!

Decided to take the day off, my mom’s coming over soon anyway so I thought I’d do something fun. Draw me one of the following monsters (Extra points if featuring my Boogle!) and I’ll doodle your fave pokemon all cutesy-like in return? Or some other monster or similar, I just really feel like doodling simple monster-y things. -u-

The Gromble from AAAHH!!! Real Monsters (Boogle x Gromble examples - X X)
Gunk - a Stretch Screamers toy from the 90′s
Alien Argus

Making a living at sea has never been the safest job, and many scholars theorize that legends of sea monsters were invented as ways to explain maritime deaths and injuries in an exciting and heroic way. Some, however, have turned out to be real: in this article, we’ll be showcasing the animals thought to be responsible for myths of ocean monsters…and wondering what else is still out there, waiting to be discovered.

i had a one of those weird dreams that happen like right after you wake up n this dude was in it. ive been calling him wallsheep and i might keep calling him that. i like the simplicity.

wallsheep can come out of any hole, but only his head. nobody knows what his body looks like. he likes animal puns and canned food