Baked beans! Jelly beans! Marshmallows!

The Wandering Sea Anemone looks absolutely delicious!

These 15 cm (6 in) sea anemones are found in southern Australia and New Zealand. They spend a lot of their time balled up, their tentacles hidden away.

Their entire column is covered in vesicles, little blobs that provide them with enough buoyancy to roll along the ocean floor or swim to new pastures.

When they find somewhere nice, they stick to the ground and finally unfurl their tentacles to commence feeding.

…Images: Richard Ling/John Turnbull/Saspotato


I recently got a Tachikawa nib pen and I took some time tonight to test it out! My past with inking with these things is checkered at best, but I think it’ll be a fun tool to mess around with at the very least. They seem like a really novelty kind of thing when I’m used to using brushes and ballpoint pens??  

Saturday cradles a dead were-rat after a horrible spill. Poor were-rats. Well I mean, I guess. They were eating people. But still life is so precious. Hmm.

Pen and ink on Bristol-Board.

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So these are little monsters I’ve designed with the theme of different types of wines! They were inspired by the Greek god of wine, Dionysus,  So I call this series the “maenad” series, after his followers! Each have a unique color pallette based on the color of the grapes they’re made from, as well as the wine’s color itself! You can decide what gender it is! (:

Set 1 includes (from left to right)

Riesling, Merlot, and Raspberry Moscato!

They are $10 each.  When you purchase one, you will get a full size, unwatermarked version of it.

But please do NOT:

Resell the design

That’s all!

Drop me a note if you are interested in one, and I will give you my paypal email!