Concept art from seventhsonmovie featuring heroes, monsters and the fantasy realms they battle in.

Heroes: Humanity is protected from the forces of darkness by the Falcon Knights: an ancient order of noble warriors. There once stood 1,000 Falcon Knights; now, only 1 remains - and he can’t win this battle alone. When an army of dark creatures rises to unleash their wrath upon the world of man, only the power of the Seventh Son can save us.

Monsters: This world is populated with creatures that take many forms, from haunting ghosts and ghasts, to giant boggarts and ferocious dragons. And beware of shape-shifting witches and warlocks, with the power to transform from ordinary humans into wild animals and flying beasts. In this world, nothing is quite as it appears…

The Land: Discover a limitless fantasy realm with haunted forests, gleaming cities, towering waterfalls and castle fortresses carved in the heart of mountains. Welcome to a world where legends and nightmares are real.


How do children see their parents when they’ve been drinking?

This seems a tad extreme to me…

Creepy as hell