Possession. Newest vigor prop by Stormblood! A Life-sized replica of the Bioshock Infinite vigor, created from polymer, glass and a honkin’ huge swarovski crystal.

(See the FB Post. Or the whole FB album.)

I made a few changes to the design, if only to better suit the best vessel I could find to sculpt on. I wanted more attention drawn to the woman’s shape than the vessel.

With the in-game vigor being made of a Jade-like material, I went for a stoney and aged looking color-scheme. This is not just Possession, this is what Possession would be now — 100 years old.

As opposed to the heart “cork” in the game, her body is actually the lid to the working glass vessel. She is filled with colored liquid for the photoshoot.

I will be making an album, soon, with all of her shots. I will also be posting a WIP blog post on the site with many pictures of the process! Stay tuned to see more of this lovely lady.

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