Q: Working back to back, do you have time for yourself?
Q: What do you do?
CUMBERBATCH: None of your business. (laughs) I just have down time. Sorry, I didn’t mean that aggressively as it came out; that was supposed to be a joke. But yeah, it’s private and I enjoy that.
Q: Giving that much intensity on screen how did you recharge your batteries, how did you balance
CUMBERBATCH: Going back to your question as well as this, I am really good at switching off and I can prioritise and that’s really the secret, is just really knowing how to not get blinded and just focus on what’s right in front of you. And then when you are not working, not to worry about the other things and you could be working with just switch off. So the things that everyone else does to do that are very helpful.
Q: When you get back from the set in the evening, do you manage to switch off?
CUMBERBATCH: Yeah, you have to. You have to sort of wind down a bit in order for your metabolism to sort of slow and you can actually get the rest that your body needs because obviously your mind is racing but you could be out of sync with how exhausted your body is because of the clock you are on. Yeah, it’s really important just to disengage from all of that.
Q: It’s difficult to learn.
CUMBERBATCH: No, it’s really not. You just close the door on the world physically and literally and imaginatively as well and you can just get used to your own company, and you just focus on something very calming. It’s not about you giving and the energy going outwards but the energy coming back to you. It can be anything, it can be meditation, you could be watching a film, having a drink, as long as it doesn’t involve dependency, you can kind of choose whatever place you like.
Q: Do you get along well with this technology?
CUMBERBATCH: Pretty well. I mean I have the same kind of user panics and frustrations as everyone else does. I would love to be at the stage of understanding technology where I feel I could create it as well as use it and I think that will be one of the prevalent anxieties of the modern age to be honest.
Q: You have had rave reviews and there’s a lot of Oscar buzz around the film, so how important was it to be nominated?
CUMBERBATCH: It would be amazing, but to be honest, it’s so premature it would almost be futile to talk about it. I understand why it always happens at festivals and the beginning of the year but I just got my suit back from last year’s Oscars, from the dry cleaners. (laughter) It literally just happened folks, let’s calm down a bit and there’s lots for films to see before we start going, Oooh, blah, blah. I think the most important thing is that any kind of buzz creates an interest in the film which means people will see it hopefully and it will have an audience with Harvey behind it no matter what and that means the Alan Turing story will get to a broader audience. And that as a storyteller, is all I am concerned about. And if I have done a good job as well as him, that’s great.
How to Survive a Sick Week| A Study Break Post

It happens to us all. We’re healthy and fine, with only a slightly sore throat and a blocked nose. Next thing you know, you’re exhausted, your body aches and you can’t move without coughing. A occasional cold or flu is natural when you’re surrounded by a couple of thousand strangers every day, and it can be quite difficult to keep up your good work ethic or even make it to class when you’re drowsy from cough syrup. So, here’s my guide to surviving a sick week at university. [Disclaimer: this guide is meant for surviving a short, generally harmless illness like a cold or flu. For serious or chronic medical problems, speak to professionals].

1) Get to a doctor ASAP. Most of the time, your cold or flu won’t be too serious and you’ll get better on your own pretty soon, but you do need a doctor’s note or medical certificate. As soon as you have your medical certificate, get it scanned and onto your computer, because you’re going to need it for the next step.

2) Email your lecturers and tutors. If you’re missing anything compulsory, like a tutorial or a practical, have a test while you’re sick, or have anything due, the people in charge need to see a medical certificate. Ask for extensions on assignments and to be excused from your tutorials and practicals. If you can, move whatever deadlines you have to the following Monday or Friday. You can catch up when you’re healthy again.

3) Decide what you absolutely can’t miss and only attend those sessions. For me, this is physics lectures. It’s easy for me to catch up Astrophysics, or Maths, but not physics. It’s the one course that I cannot afford to fall behind on at all. This will at least keep you from falling too far behind, but also allow you to get enough rest and recovery time.

4) Stay in bed and get lots of sleep. Your body needs sleep to heal and you will feel tired enough to sleep for a few hours during the day and another 12 at night.

5) Do what you can from your laptop. Many of my lectures are recorded and uploaded to my university’s online learning website, so I can download ones that I missed and watch them while in bed. While I can’t exactly sit and puzzle through a physics weekly problem set, I can take the data from my astrophysics practical and start processing it on my laptop. Doing this reduces your workload without it becoming too strenuous.

6) Don’t think too much about the work you’re missing while you’re recovering. Do what you can, but relax. Stressing yourself out will double the amount of time it will take you to recover. Make getting better your focus.

As soon as you’re healthier:

A) Make a list of all your upcoming assignments and tests. This will give you a good idea of how much work you have to do and how long you have to do it. Start with whatever is overdue and running on extension.

B) Get notes from your friends, but don’t just blindly photocopy them and think that’s okay. Rewrite your friends’ notes in your own words and make sure you’re processing the work you missed. If there’s something unclear in your friends’ notes, cross-check it with the lecture slides or your textbook.

C) Keep up with the class. Don’t fall behind, skip lectures or assignments because you’re still catching up. You want to be in class if they’re starting a new section. Work hard and fast to fill in the gaps you missed.

Catching Up

Nathan had woken up at 6 AM, but fortunately not due to a nightmare. Instead, it was anxiety bubbling beneath his skin that kept him sat upright in bed, unable to sleep. At home it would have been 11 PM, so he really should have gotten sleepy by now, but he wasn’t. He was just… awake. It was weird to think that at home, this would be a sleepless night for him, but here it was just an early morning. 

Nate sighed. He had been able to keep quiet for awhile, but now he was restless, and he needed something to do. The only thing he could think of was servicing Matt -because Nathan was a whore, and he needed to serve to be valuable- so he grabbed his boyfriend’s hand and started massaging away whatever pain was in his wrist, palm, and elbow. Arthritis must be awful, and Nathan knew how terrible it could be to be in pain all the time. 

Of course, Nate’s problem was more that his throat was constantly raw, rather than an aching pain, but he wasn’t going to bring that up. One slip up yesterday didn’t mean anything. Everyone threw up every now and then, Nathan had just… helped it along a little. Once. One time. 

Everyone also made mistakes. 

Nate tried not to freak himself out further as he took care of Matthew in the bed next to him. He had big goals of making today their official reunion: with talking, and kissing, and eating weird foods, and all the things Nate missed when Matt wasn’t around.


Thank you to Journaling-Junkie for the inspiration!

I have just caught up on the first four suggestions from Journaling-Junkie’s January…

the first photo is of the page in my journal where I list my new year’s resolutions…

the second photo is of my laptop, the page I printed from Journaling-Junkie’s tumblr with the list, and the first page of my entry today in which I “catch up”…

the next two pictures are me writing the 2, 3, 4 assignments…

so, I did it….