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What is your opinion on the use of psychedelic drugs?

Although far from necessary, psychedelics can be utilized as conveniences to disestablishing conditioned behavior and irrational perspectives; it should be noted as well, however, that rampant abuse of them can potentially render your cognition in such a consistent state of flux that you’re practically catatonic.

I would suggest that strategy and moderation is key; they should be utilized to promote initiative and enhance perception/connection with Reality, not as an anxiety based, compulsive method of escapism. This is the thin line between self destruction and self empowerment.

Imagine a world where a restaurant scene feels like the front lines if a battlefield. Where every sound, every voice, every note of music were all firing at you at the same volume.

Imagine that in every glance you felt people were reading your mind, injecting thoughts into your head. That all of those imagined voices are screaming at once in a language you don’t understand.

Imagine living trapped in a world with no boundaries between self, and other. No border between your own thoughts and the thoughts of others.

For me and millions of other people around the world this, is every day life.

Life in the world of schizophrenia


Taeyang going to sleep ◡‿◡✿ (x)


"Please, Arthur."

How to Support a Loved One With Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is complex and even people with it don’t really know how to deal with our own disorder most of the time, so it’s even harder for loved ones to understand what we go through, often leaving them stuck on the sidelines and unsure how to help.

But there is hope for everyone involved, and you can give us genuine support.

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"Passive (Vacant)" by Trent Reznor for Tapeworm remake by A Perfect Circle

"Wake up and face me, don’t play dead, ‘cause maybe, someday I will walk away, and say you disappoint me, maybe you’re better off this way"

Psychosis is defined as being a lost touch with reality.

It is not always linked to mental illness, and can be a result of a different problem all together.

Any sort of psychosis, does not only mean hallucinations. Psychosis is what is involved in all psychotic illness’s.  Hallucinations do not always point to mental illness or psychosis, and can be serious. If you experience any hallucinations  see a doctor immediately. 

Psychosis involves negative and positive symptoms. Positive symptoms are what have been added to your personality before psychosis had happened. Negative symptoms are what has been taken from your personality, due to psychosis. 

Common positive symptoms include :Hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech, catatonia. 

Common negative symptoms include: Flat effect (emotionless), loss of energy and motivation, lack of hygiene, reduced speech, memory problems, troubles paying attention. 

These are not limited, but are found to be the most common in those dealing with psychosis. Usually an individual will have more of one set, than the other. ie. More positive symptoms than negative. 

There are also different types of hallucinations that will be accounted for within psychosis. 

Visual - This is one of the most common ones. Usually people suffering from visual hallucinations will see terrifying things, that are’t really there. Common examples are seeing shadows, colors, and bugs. 

Auditory - This is another one of the most common experienced hallucinations  The most common types of auditory hallucinations are hearing voices. There are different labels for different type of voices people here:

Command hallucinations are voices that commad you to do something, usually harmful. They will often threaten you.

Thought insertion is when it hears like thoughts are being implanted in your head, that do not belong to you. It is similar to hearing your own thoughts - but it’s not. A lot of people think they have this, but it’s more complicated than one would think. These are also related to delusions.

Voices coming from outside your head is most likely the most common of auditory hallucinations. They can also be command hallucinations. 

There are also different types of auditory hallucinations, such as hearing footsteps, whispers, or even a knocking from outside your window

Olfactory halluciations are smells that aren’t really present. It’s common for a person suffering from psychosis to smell a bad odor, usually coming from themself. 

Gustatory hallucinations are tastes that aren’t really present. They are normally associated with food. It is common for someone with psychosis to suffer gustatory hallucinations of their food tasting metallic  as if it were poisoned. This can usually bring on delusios.

Tactile hallucinations are the sensation of being touched by nothing really there. It can feel like someone touching you, or poking you, and even like a cat brushing up against your leg. It can also feel as though your insides are moving. ie. Your stomach moving all over your body. Although some people call this a different name.

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10 Day iPod Shuffle Challenge | 6. First song to come on your shuffle that relates to your day that day; explain it.

Catatonic - “Sherlock Holmes” soundtrack, Hans Zimmer

You know what I’ve done today? Jack with a side of squat. I slept in. I got up and wandered around the house in my pajamas. I helped my brother with his homework. I watched last week’s American Idol. I’m watching the Grammys right now and kind of hating whoever is in charge because god damn, Florence + the Machine should’ve won. I watched the Big Bang episode of Doctor Who, followed up by an episode of Smallville, during which I was wondering why they killed off the anti-vigilante general named Slade when I know DC has a villain named Slade until OH SHIT HE’S NOT DEAD AND THAT IS A METAL PLATE ON HIS HEAD.

I drove a bit and sat in some high school’s gym waiting for my brother. I didn’t even go to that high school. I sat on the floor listening to my iPod and staring at the wall.

Compared to the kinds of lives some people lead, I’ve been pretty catatonic.