These people are quite literally insane. I get that their main industry was nuclear energy, but do they need to use nuclear power for the HVAC? Any damage to this thing could spread radiation throughout the entire facility and that could mean catastrophical outcomes. This is ridiculous. At least these mechanics aren’t as daft and actually reinforced the core.


"When you play the game of thrones you win or you take over the world, launch a crusade across the stars, only to have your favoured son turn against you, start a catastrophic civil war and nearly kill you so that you end up upon a Golden Throne for ten thousand years whilst the empire you built warps into a twisted version of your vision." - The Emperor of Mankind

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do you think a 7 year difference is too much

13 and 20 is a catastrophe, 16 and 23 is still illegal and really uncomfortable, 19 and 26 is kinky but cool and 22 and 29 is absolutely normal.

You can’t generalize that.

Climate change is an unintended consequence of human actions and shows, only through scientific analysis, the effects of our actions as a species. Species may indeed be the name of a placeholder for an emergent, new universal history of humans that flashes up in the moment of the danger that is climate change. But we can never understand this universal. It is not a Hegelian universal arising dialectically out of the movement of history, or a universal of capital brought forth by the present crisis. Geyer and Bright are right to reject those two varieties of the universal. Yet climate change poses for us a question of a human collectivity, an us, pointing to a figure of the universal that escapes our capacity to experience the world. It is more like a universal that arises from a shared sense of a catastrophe. It calls for a global approach to politics without the myth of a global identity, for, unlike a Hegelian universal, it cannot subsume particularities. We may provisionally call it a ‘negative universal history.’
—  Dipesh Chakrabarty, “The Climate of History: Four Thesis,” 221-2

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Why did chapter 12 ever do to 13 that it has to wait for it?

Well, 13 has to be written. So it needs to be coaxed out of my head. I’m not saying I take bribes….but. I take bribes.

I write 13 before 12 goes to Beta, so in case something catastrophic happens and I need to…in theory, I have an extra chapter written, it also helps me know where to go…

And let me tell you, 12 is super cute.

So…just. saying…Bribes work.


I pulled up Google Music All Access and it suggested a Pink Floyd auto-generated playlist.  I was like, “all right, I feel this.”


I don’t think a radio station service has ever failed me so catastrophically.  It’s so off it makes me want to laugh.

WPF drabble: Frank and Bengie and the baby

Getting shot in the head is a good way to go, one shot, blam, lights out. Stabbings are brutal, especially in the stomach, because it can take days to bleed out. Frank would never want to die due to stabbing, but all of the ways he can imagine dying pale in comparison to what poor Bengie is going through with this Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a fancy term for severe morning sickness.

Sometimes Bengie vomits four times a day, and he’s lost ten pounds, catastrophic news considering their doctor explicitly told them he needs to gain at least fifteen pounds in order to guarantee a healthy pregnancy. When he’s not throwing up, the omega remains curled up in bed, complaining of near-constant nausea and dizziness. Frank does the best he can, bringing him water, and laying with him to provide company, but whenever he tries to bring Bengie food, whatever he’s made emits an odor that restarts the cycle of nausea.

He’s out of ideas, and beginning to worry.

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A silly love poem with semi-obscure references


I want to do cartwheels with you
at a post-apocalyptic, irradiated
desert, which is infested with
mutated animals
and mohawk-haircut punks
wearing leather jackets
licking their machetes

Hitting the pressure points
of our hearts, and muttering
You are already In Love

I want to be with you
sleeping in the jungle where
the son of Indiana Jones
swung with cgi - monkeys
and ruined
entirely too many childhoods

Our lovemaking appearing
true and real
in a single frame
of an altogether
catastrophic attempt.

(perhaps my references
are too obscure)


I want to be a dalek with you
ring-modulated to the roots
of our hearts, saying cute
things like:

"Let’s ex-ter-mi-nate, ho-ney!"

Zapping all the doctors of our
mutual destinies into oblivion

Conquering the galaxy

Our love leaving it’s mark
on existence
by the lack of sentient life

I want our bodies
be destroyed and
re-assembled in the
laboratories of OCP, into a
cybernetic organism,

part man, part machine,
all emotion, the future of
love enforcement.

Now I want to be
with you
at the end of
this silly poem,
we will live on

kiss me quick before you wake up

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"The cinematography is equally as evocative as the setting it captures, with picture-in-picture scenes that resemble a wall of computer monitors and flashing green warning signals and countdown timers constantly superimposing themselves over the action, as if the world itself is indeed on the brink of suffering a catastrophic system-wide crash."

-“‘SIGKILL’: How to Kill a Computer” on Vaka Rangi

I think I may be among the last generation of people for whom the phrase “Saturday Morning” holds a particular meaning. Growing up, this meant an early breakfast of cereal, new episodes of the animated series that were among my favourite TV shows and enough latent inspiration to get me through the rest of the weekend.

I know for a lot of you, those television memories were of a block of classic anime programming. Looking at a lot of anime from this period today, oftentimes for the first time, I find myself reminded of my own experiences of those magical, long-gone weekends from my childhood. Even seeing others express their fondness and memories for shows I’ve never seen inspires and moves me.

In the spirit of that, I’ve decided to start a new series called “Kei and Yuri Saturday Morning”. Every Saturday Morning, Eastern Time, (and maybe Sunday too), I’m going to post a video clip from one of my favourite Dirty Pair animes alongside a snippit of my analysis and a link to the full blog post. I’m not looking for pageviews here, I’m just honoured to be able to share my thoughts on something I love in a way I find symbolic and meaningful.

I think one of the best things to happen to Dirty Pair in recent years has been Manga Entertainment’s decision to post it all to YouTube officially, and it heartens me to be able to share something I’m very passionate about this way here and elsewhere. I hope it brings as much joy to you as it has to me.