Persian cinema. Something i’ve spent a lot of time trying to explore, Usually, greatly to my disappointment.

'Fish and Cat' or 'Mahi va Gorbeh', if I'm honest, tortured me. My anticipation for this film was extremely high, especially after reading the acclaimed reviews. The film had me gripped with my enthusiasm. The first hour was delightful, with cheeky iranian humour but also vegetated by a creepy sinister undertone. 

The film then became very repetitive and slightly boring. I understand that one of the main objectives of the film was repetition of the same scenario from different perspectives, but I think the art of this technique was lost in just how boring the repetition became. 

The cinematography of this film was incredible. All shot in one take, YES ONE TAKE. The plot journeyed through different characters past, present and future all happening simultaneously within the same frame. Quite something! The direction and cinematography of this film is where most of it’s acclaim comes from. Rightly so, this cannot be faulted. 

My summary of this film is that it’s interesting for the first hour, then the tedium sets in. The plot was a little dull. But the mechanisms of the film are  praise worthy. This is a film for buffs and not a film that’s easily watchable.