Today I voted. Where I live, it shouldn’t be such a big deal, right?

Spain. If you check Wikipedia, you’ll see it’s a democratic country.

Well, today, in a democratic country, voting was a challenge.

As some of you may know, Catalonia, a region of Spain (the barça one, the Barcelona’s one), is living a huge movement of independence and emancipation of Spain. Millions of Catalans have been moving during years in order to become a new country. We are like the Scotland of England.

Unless Spanish central government doesn’t let us vote.

The past months the government of Catalonia has asked several times permission for calling a referendum about Catalonia’s independence.

Though the of millions of catalans awaiting to be listen to, the central government has invalidate,banned, forbid and cancel the referendum several times. Arguing that "This referendum is antidemocratic". Yes. In Spain, voting is antidemocratic.

But Catalan people don’t get scared that easily. We know voting is a human right.Today, despite the threat of the central government, two million people have voted.

So have I.

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Pd: I would like to point out that today’s “trending topics” on tumblr are Christopher Nolan, rainbow, F1, 80s, maps, interior, too many cooks, Ayotzinapa, doctor who, Yuzuru Hanyu, Keira Knightley and bollywood.

Not even a mention for Catalonia’s injustice, protest and overcoming movement.



Un mosaic humà amb les banderes de Catalunya i Escòcia ha aplegat aquest matí de dissabte més de 10.000 persones a la platja de la Zurriola de Sant Sebastià, al País Basc. Organitzat per la plataforma Gure Esku Dago, l’acció tenia la intenció de mostrar el suport a les consulta sobre la independència de demà a Catalunya, així com pel dret a decidir dels pobles.

A human mosaic with the flags of Catalonia and Scotland has *aplegat this morning of Saturday more than 10.000 people to the beach of the *Zurriola of San Sebastián, in the Basque Country. Organised by the platform *Gure *Esku *Dago, the action had the intention to show the support to the query on the independence of tomorrow in Catalonia, as well as for the right to decide of the villages.