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Kenzie came into A Home 4 Spot just like most of dogs do with some minor medical/behavioral issues but unlike their other rescues, Kenzie was special. You see Kenzie, in her short life, (probably born this way) has a serious heart condition and if not fixed, she will die. When the rescue received the news they were committed to helping Kenzie but yet another blow came. This specific heart condition is very rare, so rare that she will have to travel to see a specialist in California to have this procedure done. Before the rescue could even get Kenzie scheduled for her surgery, many tests needed to be done as well as she needed to be placed in a home that would comfort her and prepare her for this extremely invasive surgery in hopes this will save her young life. Kenzie has no idea what an uphill battle she faces but until than she is very content playing with her toys and learning the basic commands. Her mom Colleen, decided that she would not let this condition hold back Kenzie from being a regular puppy, so she decided to make Kenzie’s life full of love and fun. Currently Kenzie is enrolled in training classes where she is exceeding and really becoming a star of the class. She enjoys spending all her time with her favorite two little human boys that live in her house along with her favorite purple dragon and will accompany her to her surgery which happens in less than two weeks.  Please help save Kenzie by sharing and donating to her project.  Thank you!

the signs as obscure dog breeds
  • Aries:Akbash
  • Taurus:Belgian Shepherd
  • Gemini:Hovawart
  • Cancer:Slovensky Cuvac
  • Leo:New Guinea Singing Dog
  • Virgo:Lundehund
  • Libra:Shiloh Shepherd
  • Scorpio:Saarloos Wolfdog
  • Sagittarius:Chinook
  • Capricorn:Catahoula Leopard Dog
  • Aquarius:Carolina Dog
  • Pisces:Czechoslovakian Vlcak

“Crunch n Woofs” #dogs #treats #Catahoulas