This is a very important message so please don’t ignore! EXO will be having their 2015 comeback soon this month! Please remember that we are planning a project for their comeback MV to reach 5 million views in one day and 25 million views in a month! It may seem impossible but its worth a try right? Our boys deserve this so why not!? What can you do to help the project? - SPREAD THIS NEWS TO EVERYONE! Tell all the other exo-l about this project! Make sure to hashtag { #ExoComeback2015Project } ‼ and post a little description about the project on every single social networking site that you have! Like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Weheartit, Askfm, etc… PLEASE SPREAD THE NEWS OF THE PROJECT!!!! WE NEED TO GET AS MANY EXO-L PREPARED AS WE CAN! HURRY! TAG YOUR FRIENDS PLS For they can read this info.

Also, can we please IGNORE negative comments on their MV in Youtube. As you can see, the top comments are often the ones with many replies and likes so the more you comment and respond on NEGATIVE comments, the more it will appear on the top comments of the comment section of the vid and the more haters will see it and be encouraged to post their own negative comments too.


'It’s Okay, It’s Love’ DVD - part 2