my other oc Medicine cats ^o^

Lizardface: Shadowclan / ‘Nuff said

Heronfeather: Riverclan. Heron is awkward, nervous and shy, he doesn’t do very well in big crowds (bc it makes him very nervous!!!). he’s clumsy and gets scared easily and also really sensitive, but he has a big heart. Heron has a hard time trusting others and isn’t comfortable around anybody other than his clan. he hates physical contact and gets anxious when others are yelling. Heron also suffers from scopophobia

Foxtuft: Thunderclan. Fox is schizophrenic. She never wanted to become the medicine cat and was really looking forward to becoming a Warrior apprentice. She’s feisty, short-tempered and snaps a lot and she’s independent, but loves her clan (but not necessarily her ’job’) She’s still bitter towards the previous medicine cat for forcing her to become the med. cat app 

Nightsong: Windclan. Highly intelligent, calm and easy-going, Nightsong is a caring and laid-back cat ^o^ She’s serious, witty and supportive. Night speaks her thoughts and is honest, calling out others when its necessary. She’s a deep thinker and curious about a lot. Nightsong is devoted to her clan but has no problem helping out w/ other clans. She’s blind in one eye after getting wounded ;-;

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Sherlock sleeping on the couch and Toby sleeping on Sherlock :-3

Molly going off to work, leaving her two boys alone in the flat (and a sticky note attached to the fridge reminding him not to accidentally - or purposefully - maim her cat) 😕

Sherlock and Toby don’t see eye to eye; the former jealous of the attention the latter receives from Molly and his constant claim over their bed. Sherlock insists the cat is smug and mocking him as he preens himself but, since he’s one of the conditions it took for Molly to move into Baker Street, there was no getting rid of him 😄

Sherlock spends most of the day sulking at his kitchen microscope in his pyjamas, having lost his experimental lab mice to the pesky tabby. 😸 Whilst the cat’s out on his travels God knows where, he spreads out on the sofa in desperate need for quality mind-palace time

sometime later, Sherlock stirs and finds the cat spread out across his chest, his curled tail tickling hus chin; he rolls his eyes, intending to shove the snoozing animal from him. but…Toby is purring. he chose to lie there and suddenly he can’t seem to find it in himself to move him. so he shrugs and goes back to sleep 😭

Molly gets home from work, takeaway bag in hand, and giggles as she enters the flat; Sherlock has rolled over onto his side and Toby has moved to rest between the sofa and Sherlock’s neck. she shakes her head, snaps a photo and begins unloading the dinner, overjoyed the two men she loved most in the world were finally getting on 😍

if you guys think i am just one of those people who save things into a save tag just because, you are wrong.  that save tag inspires me.

umm i just saw a rly cute girl in my fucking psych office

Second Strike at the Heart Ch. 6/10

No-curse AU, sequel to “Unmistaken.” A treaty signing brings Killian back to the Enchanted Forest a year and a half after first meeting Princess Emma. While both are eager to renew their courtship, there is one final hurdle that must be crossed — a prince has also come to the Enchanted Forest with the intent to win Emma’s heart and he may prove a more dangerous rival than Killian could have imagined.

The original one-shot: Unmistaken

Read from the beginning on tumblr Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | On FFnet | On AO3

            Killian stood at the helm of the Jewel of the Realm, watching as Prince Hans gave Emma a tour of the ship. She knew the Jewel already, of course, but the prince had insisted and so Killian stood at the ship’s wheel while final preparations were made for their departure. Just as the princess had given them all a tour of the naval advancements made by her kingdom it was now Killian and Liam’s turn to demonstrate the might of the Southern Isles Navy.

            And for Prince Hans to take credit for it, he thought bitterly.

            In truth, there was no excuse for his poor mood. He and Emma had parted ways late the night before and he was excited to finally show her the full range of the Jewel’s power. His irritability could perhaps be blamed on the sudden switch from having been so open with her yesterday — her kisses, gods — to being stiff and official once more. That, and having to watch his prince practically drag her around the ship by the arm.

            Killian’s jaw clenched, and he reminded himself for the tenth time that morning that the treaty signing was a mere two days away.

            “Careful, brother, you’ll set the ship ablaze if you glare any harder,” Liam said, coming to stand next to him. “I find it hard to believe that yesterday went as badly as your mood would imply.”

            “It didn’t,” he admitted. If anything, the excursion had marked a milestone in his relationship with the princess. Letters and kisses were one thing, but she had confided her secret to him and once he transferred to her navy he would finally be able to court her as befitted a lady of her station.

            “Ah, so you’re pouting again. You know, sometimes I’m glad I don’t share a ship with you anymore.”

            Killian rolled his eyes, but had to bite back his retort when Prince Hans led Emma up to join them on the quarterdeck.

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hi cat, im feeling very down at the moment, without really knowing the reason. do you have any tips on how not to be feeling like shit? no songs are helping either :(

Hey lovely, sorry for my lateish reply. I’m really sorry you’re feeling down. :-( Those kinds of days suck so much. Sending you virtual hugs, okay!! 

But do me a favour: Get up right now! Go and take a walk, call up your friends or family on the phone or go and hang out with them, go to the library, or read a book! Watch a movie! Start a new TV show! Bake! Cook something! Make something! Study, even! Do something other than thinking about how shitty you’re feeling. 

The best way to get out of these feelings are to push yourself to keep going and keep moving. Since you’re not really sure on why you’re feeling so shitty, then doing something can help you get your mind off of the not-so-great feelings. :-)

I hope you feel better soon, because you are so great. Sending me this message means that you’re proactive about feeling better, and I respect that and am so proud of you!! YOU GOT THIS!! GO OUT AND LIVE LIFE!! The whole world is out there!! Good luck, okay!! I’m rooting for you!! X

every so often I go on a complete skyrim binge, download tons of armor pieces and merge them into one mod, resort all my mods, play for two seconds, quit

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