Like…I know should get out of bed and go running and shower and then go to therapy. But my cats are warm and all over me, my pain is already high today, I’m anxious about tonight’s SPN, and it’s my first day off in ages.

The motivation to move is just seriously lacking.

anonymous asked:

jimi hendrix, ramones, david bowie, the beatles, the who

hendrix: 8 things that make me happy:
cats, potatoes, warm weather, a new skirt, jazz band, a nice smoothie, mac demarco, that feeling when u start shit talking about a classmate & then ur fav teacher joins in

ramones: pets?
4 lovely cats

bowie: follower or leader?
i think maybe leader because i cant keep my mouth shut about controversial stuff usually? but i also hate the spotlight for too long idk

beatles: are you a flirt?
mmmmmmmm when im single obviously & im tryna get it but when im in a relationship i have to be in the mood

the who: 2 fav foods/2 awful foods
i love SO MUCH FOOD ugh how about garlic bread & pomegranates those are cool. i hate mayonaisse & tomatoes rest in fucking pieces

This is Sundance! He is a small mixed breed adult male cat at Animal Friends Of Barbour County in Philippi, WV. He is neutered, up to date on shots, and litter trained.

More about Sundance: “Sundance is a pretty boy with a pretty name, but he is very timid. This kitty requires a very special home that can give a shelter cat a warm place to sleep, food and litter and not get anything in return. He would be okay for a barn cat, but he would not be good with children. Perhaps one day this special guy can find a special someone to care for him.”

The cat was attempting to groom the couch in the spot where the hot air comes out of the laptop vent, because the couch smells like a cat (him) and is warm. He is a dumb cat.

I put my hand in front of him and now he’s grooming it, mostly, but he keeps wandering off it and getting the couch again, or my sleeve.