Rescue Cat: Rufus

Sarah Hopkins is a fantastic photographer & she sent us these wonderful photos of her rescue cat Rufus!

“Rufus was adopted at a re-homing event held by the Cats Protection (Gwent Branch) about 9 years ago – we think he was 2-ish years old at the time.

He was adopted by my late father - an animal lover all his life who always felt that house wasn’t a home without a cat – a trait that I’ve definitely inherited.

In spite of being a very handsome boy, we suspected that Rufus was overlooked because of his extra polydactyl toes which made him look like he was wearing boxing gloves! As it happened, my Dad was also huge boxing fan so it was fate that we should find a cat with a genetic advantage when it came to being able to throw a fierce punch.

Rufus was a super companion for my Dad right ‘til the end, and still lives in appropriate style with my Mum – eating gourmet pouches and stretching out in front of the fire.  Although he probably qualifies as a senior citizen, he hasn’t lost any of his ring-craft, enjoying hunting and bringing home small trophies for my Mum!

As an aside, I am a professional photographer and a rushed picture (I’ve always got a camera with me …) taken of Rufus about 6 years ago smacking his lips after a particularly good lunch has proved to be one of my most popular images – he really is my “Poster Boy” and I love him very much! … that said, me and my husband adopted our cat, Felix, from the RSPCA in Newport about 6 years ago – more photos of him coming soon…”

Thanks so much to Sarah for sharing her pictures & story with us! Rufus is gorgeous & we hope to see some pictures of Felix too one day! Do check out her photography: here

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