cat drawing

Hello everyone! Another yellow cat! Except, this cat isn’t Poue, it’s my sister! So her name will be Mai. My sister is always watching netflix, as well as talking/thinking about food, so that’s why there’s a cloud of food above her. I just realized… I forgot to give her a nose… xD

皆さんこんにちは!また黄色い猫だよ~ でもこの猫はポウイじゃないです。本当は。。私の姉ちゃんです!だから。。彼女の名前はマイです。姉さんはいつも食べものの事を話してと思ってnetflixを見ていますから食べものの雲は彼女の上にあります。ああ!すぐ気づいた。。鼻がないよ!忘れた。。


And here is the Cat Paw Tutorial

This one ended up being rather simple because is just a minor tweak from the Canine paw. Still minor, but the difference will be a LOT.

Hope this helps you guys with your artsies!

All the reblogs are very much appreciated! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! CHEERS


Images from my upcoming art show with Elizabeth Blasingame called CATastrophe.  It’s a show all about cats.  We are still looking around for a gallery space to show it near or around the Oakland area.  If you know any cat lovin’ gallery folks - shoot me a line!

Work in Progress of a Wild Cat - Felis silvestris. Done with BIC. I’ve been obsessing with realism and I’ve been thinking that my BIC stuff hasn’t been getting that far. This cat is me testing how far I can go. This is far from finished. Stay tuned for more.

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