cat blogging

things i am looking for in a lady:
  • cute
  • snuggles with me all night and in the morning
  • small but kinda chub
  • keeps me warm
  • fills my heart with joy
  • licks my feet
  • is afraid of loud noises
  • is covered in hair
  • eats every meal out of the same bowl
  • is my cat

so im in the shower and all of a sudden fifi just starts meowing CONSTANTLY, super distressed, wandering in and out of the bathroom and i’m like cat wtf is wrong w you and just keep showing.

finally, i turn off the water and that’s when i hear it: my alarm’s been going off for 12 minutes, the duration of time during which she has been meowing, and it clicks. she knows what my alarm sounds like and what it means. 

it means i wake up, which means i pet her. she’s upset bc i’m not in my bed petting her so she’s been meowing in distress for TWELVE FRICKIN MINUTES.

i like to bring the plants inside on chilly nights and roxy LOVES the cat grass now that it’s sprouted. of course she stops nibbling at it when i bring my phone out