My OC, Mr. Lazuli, Genderbent and casual.  I think I’m loving this design a little TOO much xDDDDD

So, it’s been a long while since I did something that wasn’t a chibi @u@  Okay granted there was that sketch of Nairyn and Ernst but that doesn’t count.  It was just a sketch 8c  It’s also been far too long since I shaded something >_>;;  Here’s to hoping that I’m still okay at it!  I’m still trying to figure out how ears work, and tinting lips and noses is kinda new to me too…one day I’ll get the hang of it.  One day.  |B  

plug: casualro

hello! looking for something to do? try playing ragnarok online at the casualro server!

i’ve been there for barely a month but i love this server! the server is pretty much fast-paced with high leveling and drop rates so you don’t have to slave over trying to level up your character or obtaining an item. as the name itself indicates, casualro is pretty casual. before you know it, you’ll be level 150! :)

i can guarantee you that the players in that server there are down-to-earth, mature and so generous! you won’t feel like a newbie for long because you’ll welcomed warmly when you join. :D

if you don’t have much time, but still want to enjoy playing ragnarok online, then do try casualro for a change.

click the link below to register!