this will not end well

 Neptune always hated flying. The uncertainty of dieing,wings being blow up,crashing into an unknown planet below. She knew she was over thinking things but with every bump or swerve. She felt her heart jump into her throat as the pelican swerved harshly to the right. Internally she argued with herself. Everything would be fine. Altho the internal words did not stop her from having a death grip on the seat. The Spartan ex hailed sharply as the pelican lowered herself slowly in the middle of the forest. actually that this place was a fucking jungle. She all but ran off the large plane,almost forgetting the sniper she always carried. But alas it was strapped to her back. So was small pistol and a few hand grenades. She looked up to the sky through her helmet then back to the ‘team’ she was assigned too. ODSTs watched amused as she tried to cover up the panic she had felt on the plane. Neptune waited for one of them to speak first however. 

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