Spot The Difference
  • Cis heterosexual person:I hate gays. They're gross.
  • Other cis heterosexuals:Well that's your opinion and I respect it lol brave of you to say that even though you know you're gonna get flack from the crazy SJWs
  • LGBTQIAP+ person:I hate straight people because they keep on killing and bullying members of my community.
  • Cis heterosexuals:Oh my gosh you are worse than Hitler. Don't fight fire with fire! No h8 right? No wonder people hate you so much if you're gonna be like that. Heterophobes.
  • (Not promoting hatred in this post, just pointing out the double standards. We've all seen it on here. This stuff needs to stop pronto. If you're REALLY anti hate, then you'd better be out there fighting for my community and calling out homophobes, cause at the moment all I see is you harassing and policing distressed members of my community when they are venting about actual life experiences they have had and suffered at the hands of heteronormativity and both outwardly homophobic and passive straight people.)
Okay guys lemme get something straight about Rose Tyler

Valid arguments against Rose Tyler:

  • she was very selfish
  • she was often unreasonably jealous of ladies that interacted with the Doctor
  • she expected Mickey to be loyal to her even though she basically ditched him
  • she often made stupid decisions and did things she was not supposed to 

Invalid arguments against Rose Tyler: 

  • she wanted to travel with the Doctor forever and decided to leave her family behind (because that’s what you do when you grow up and find someone you’re happy with + in travelling with the Doctor Rose was able to live up to her full potential)
  • she was in love with the Doctor (and he was in love with her and they made each other complete that’s canon and if you don’t ship it that it’s your problem)
  • “she basically threw herself at every guy” (well first of all, there was only Adam and Captain Jack, she was interested in Adam and his intelligence but quickly became disappointed with him, and Captain Jack doesn’t even count because in that Moffat two-parter Rose’s character was f*cked up pretty bad)
  • “she never did anything but get into trouble” (sorry, but you need to re-watch seasons 1 and 2 because she saved the Doctor almost as much as he saved her and figured out many things on her own (see |x|)
  • “she was a Mary-Sue” ((yes, people have actually said that) I made a post about that not long ago feel free to check it out |x| )
  • “she treated Mickey like sh*t” (there were problematic elements in their relationship but she never treated him badly, he was like a brother to her rather than a boyfriend + Mickey wasn’t exactly the role-model partner)
  • “she was just a stupid shopworker and wasn’t worthy of the Doctor’s interest” ((yes, people also have said this) if you think that, then you’re classist you totally missed the point of the rtd era which showed that everyone, no matter how ordinary, is capable of extraordinary things and the Doctor sees that)  
  • “she’s ugly and dressed bad” (well that’s just horseshit  I think Billie Piper is gorgeous and the way Rose dressed was totally appropriate for her class + her clothes were comfortable and well-suited for travelling 

All these arguments have been made by various fans of the show and I felt that many were completely out of the blue (there was one person who said Rose was a b*tch for becoming the Bad Wolf because she basically abused the TARDIS but that goes without comment) 

also carmilla is jewish, you can’t fight me on this, it says in the book that she’s not christian and i know the implication is supposed to be that she’s a vampire and has no god or whatever, but instead of using that cliche, think about this:

jewish gay vampire carmilla karnstein. laura tries to be like “you don’t like crosses and you’ve never stepped into a church!! you’re a soulless vampire! admit it!” and carmilla rolls her eyes like “i don’t like crosses and i don’t go to church because i’m fucking jewish you moron”

tagging queerkarmy bc u wanted to be notified of headcanons 

I really do think that most “real justice” character blogs with multiple mods are run by just one person using different names to make people believe that they have friends who would agree to run such a stupid thing

People really want DWM to be over but I’m sad to state to them it’s a pretty established thing. The awareness has been spread, a spinoff project has popped up in support of the movement and more importantly to RAINN and victims of rape (I’m planning to donate to both causes as well, even people against the movement have encouraged their support to RAINN). Discussions have been had and revisited about rape culture, suppression and its negative effects both in society, and more prominently in this fandom. What the debates will dwindle down to from what I’ve seen so far now I’m sure will simply be tug-of-war; conjecture, confirmation bias, and back-and-forth arguments between both parties. It is expected, the people who’ve spoken out on both sides assuredly already have their minds made up. And of course people want the last say on things. But no doubt, Pinkie’s movement has done a great deal, so good on her for starting it, speaking up about it, and not faltering in the face of criticism and suppression.

Neil Cicierega had some interesting things to state when he talked about this very same issue a year ago:

huhhh, apparently I shattered someone’s world by being annoyed at the Bronies for letting rape joke bullshit slide. I hold the radical opinion that you should not let your friends, or peers, be gross idiots, and by doing so I have CROSSED THE LINE.

This is Reddit, so a few of them call me a feminist in a pejorative sense. Nobody calls them on it.

Am I being too harsh with these kids when I say they should be harsher with their peers? Are they just afraid they’ll end up alone if they challenge anything?

In any case, this is basically the saddest day in history

Casual ableism is thinking anxiety and panic attacks are not a valid reason to miss school.

Casual ableism thinks it’s okay to expose you to a known trigger because it’s “not that bad." 

Casual ableism thinks GAD isn’t "a real mental disorder like autism.”

Casual ableism thinks your depression doesn’t need treatment and you “just need to cheer up and stop cutting.”

Casual ableism calls kids with serious depression “emo.”

Casual ableism thinks you shouldn’t be depressed now that a year has passed since your loved one’s death. 

Background for this picture: One of my Facebook friends posted a pro-life status, which started a discussion that I started commenting in. All of the women in the discussion were on the pro-choice side of the argument, but we were being drowned out by the pro-life men commenting. After everything I said was either ignored or met with angry responses and logical fallacies, I tried to bow out by telling the OP that I was removing him from my friends list because he was being misogynistic and it was clear he wasn’t open to others’ opinions. This was posted right after I said that.

To me, this basically screams “Stupid women feeling victimized by men taking away their rights. I’m a man, I need to be heard! My opinion is most important!” Especially because he claimed men aren’t heard after spending about an hour making sure the female voice wasn’t given a say.


This is incredible. We FEEL targeted by restrictive abortion laws, therefore men can’t be heard. Yup, this targeting is a FEELING. It’s all in our heads, I guess. It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s actually a whole LOT of people w/ penises making laws that affect uteruses. 

And is this whole, “I said I’m not a misogynist therefore I am not” comment serious? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK. 


Text reads: Let me say I have an admission to make. I have to confess that New York Magazine voted me as one of the most 100 smartest people in New York. However, in all fairness, I have to say that Madonna also made the same list, so how accurate could that list be? *audience laughter*

In which a man of science having his intelligence compared to that of a woman in entertainment is seen as possibly insulting to his intelligence and definitely amusing fodder to him.

At an anti-war protest not long ago, I saw a placard announcing ‘An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.’ This slogan is one of many that turns disability into a metaphor, reinforces that disability means broken and is fundamentally undesirable, and ignores the multitude of actual lived disability experiences connected to war. For folks who know blindness/disability as a consequence of crushing military force, the 'eye for an eye’ slogan offers a superficial rationale for nonviolence but no lasting justice.
—  Eli Clare, Exile & Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation, preface to the 2009 Edition