Reaction to the Japhan trip so far

Casual: They look like they’re having an awesome time! I can’t wait for more pictures


Shipper: Oh my god! Oh my god! That was totally their honeymoon! If not I’m sure Dan will pop the question while over there! I mean, come on, he favourite a wedding venue on Twitter! And in the Harajuku Squad picture they hid their hands with wedding rings on it! And Mount Fuji has this bell at the top that couple ring and, and, and, *faints*

Casual: *runs over to Shipper* Someone call a doctor! I think she’s dying!


Troll: Do I just keep going like nothing happened? Ok. Pah! Sellouts! They can’t handle their fans anymore so they ran away!


Troll: You’re suppose to be resting

Shipper: I got summoned by something sounding romantic!

Rabid: You need to calm your farm! Shh! Chill’s speaking

Chill: Me? Oh yeah. I’m fine. Totally fine. It's… not like Japan is really romantic. What? Yes, I’m fine (on the inside: OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. GOD MY OH!)

Silent: *thumbs up*

Rabid: *whispering* Can she say anything at all?

Troll: *whisper* What do you expect? She’s called the silent fangirl. It’s not like she’s going to scream at the top of her lungs

Silent: … :( ?

Casual: I’m not going to question how you’re able to speak in emoticons and punctuation