Person A is seen as quite attractive by most people and is charming, outgoing etc., thus they receive a lot of date offers, but none ever pan out. Person B is their friend who has had a crush on them for a long time, but hasn’t said anything because Person A has stated that they’re bored with being asked out and dating. At Person A’s birthday party, A receives nice but highly impersonal gifts from everyone, whereas Person B gets them something they know A has wanted for a really long time (first edition of their favourite book perhaps) and means a lot to them. How Person A reacts is up to you. OT3 possibility: Person C is their mutual friend who had to convince Person B that it wasn’t “stalkerish” to get Person A the gift.

Imagine your OTP are in a play together and play characters who have a romantic/sexy scene together, in which Person A must sit on Person B’s lap and be seductive and alluring, neither of which they are confident about. To top it all off, Person A has a rather obvious crush on Person B. Does Person B feel the same? How does the play go and what happens afterwards?